St Mary's College Newsletter Term 2, 2020 Issue 5

Carol Bell
Message from the Principal

As we approach the end of Term 2 it is always a good time to reflect on the amazing things that have been achieved this term despite our many challenges during the COVID 19 pandemic. In a pre-K-12 College, so much happens in any one week, I continue to be in awe of just how dedicated and committed our amazing staff are to providing such fantastic opportunities for our students as we re-introduce the many co-curricular activities that are provided for students at St Mary’s College.

I wish to thank our staff, teaching and non-teaching on behalf of the St Mary’s College community for the way they pulled together during the COVID crisis to ensure students and families remained connected to the College and for the positive way they have gone about settling students back into College life post crisis. It has been a deeply unsettled time for everyone but using our PBIS framework through a trauma informed lens, holding our students to the expectations of being kind, being respectful, being responsible and being our best, the staff across the College have ensured that not only has the reintroduction to routine and learning been consistent but the emphasis has been on the positive and celebrating the success of our students.

In the last two weeks alone we have enjoyed a Year 8 Science incursion investigating traditional uses of native plants, our primary staff learning about the amazing Equine therapy our students engage in at Yawardani Jan-ga, Harry Potter week in the secondary library, lunch time dance club, book club and art club getting underway on primary and wonderful participation in cross country training followed by two very successful cross country carnivals. A market day for Year 9/10 small businesses and a Dojo point earners party on secondary. Our secondary dance and IT students were also involved in creating a film for Inspired Dance film Fest Australia which provides a national platform for dancers, choreographers and film makers to explore their creativity in a short film format. The secondary campus will round out the week with a sports afternoon on the final day of term as a whole school reward for all the hard work completed by secondary students this term. Well done to all, it is fantastic to see so much already underway across the College as we move to phase 4 of COVID 19 restrictions.

This week you will receive some correspondence from the College. Primary reports will be mailed home along with the Semester 2 calendar, and explanation of Phase 4 restrictions easing and what it means in Catholic schools along with a letter from myself and Coby Rhatigan- Deputy Principal Primary explaining the modified report for Semester 1.

Secondary reports will be communicated a little differently. Being a waste wise school, we are moving to paperless communication wherever possible, so the secondary reports will now be received digitally. Secondary parents will receive an email via SEQTA Engage with a copy of the Semester 2 calendar, an explanation of Phase 4 restrictions easing and what it means for Catholic schools and a letter from myself and Lea Wilson- Deputy Principal of Curriculum, explaining the modified report for Semester 1. You will be directed to SEQTA Engage to access your child’s report. Students on specialised programs will have their reports mailed home. Please also keep an eye out for the data collection form. This is a form we need families to complete annually so we can keep our records up to date. We are all excited about the start of Term 3 as we return mostly to our normal routine. There is so much to look forward to.

Please have a safe and happy holiday period and we look forward to welcoming everyone on Monday July 20th .

Our Mob Playgroup

Our Mob Playgroup worked hard on their veggie garden and built Harry the Scarecrow to chase the crows away.

Merrilee Lands - Our Mob Facilitator
SRC Primary Report

Enjoy the final SRC report for the term

Years One & Two Classroom

The students across the primary campus have been creative workers in class. In Year 1-3 they have been flying high, making friends and working so hard in class. They have been practising solving maths sums, writing super sentences, investigating during science, dancing, creating, running distances and learning so many new concepts.

I like to make spelling words with kinetic sand because it is challenging. Stella

I like playing snap in maths. It teaches me to learn about counting. Samuel

I love cross country because I get to run and get fit. Jayden

I like writing because you can see the story in your mind and imagine it. Breanna

In science you learn new things. We see things change from solid to liquid to solid. Jaylynn

Dance gets you fit and it is fun. Luca

Jen Rudyard - Assistant Principal of Primary
Primary Cross Country
Primary Disco
Cultural Space Consultation
Coby Rhatigan - Deputy Principal

We just wanted to say a HUGE thanks and give our acknowledgment to all that attended our Cultural Space Consultation on Wednesday night, including our awesome ATAs. It is super exciting and we cannot wait to see all the ideas alive and happening in our school. Thanks to Miss Janenell who facilitated this so beautifully for us.

Yr 8 Science

Today Year 8 Science students went on a field trip around the grounds of St Mary's College to investigate the traditional uses of native plants. Ms Carlene Smith and Ms Anna Kelly led the students and showcased 'Tin Meat', 'Goody-goody plant', 'Jigal Flower', 'Soap Bush', 'Fig', 'Gubinge' and 'Boab Nut'. Students were also shown traditional plants used to treat headache and skin complaints. Thank you to Ms Carlene and Ms Anna for sharing your knowledge with our students.

Ms Marie and Mr Chris.
Click & Catch Photography Competition

The link for the Click and Catch Photography competition?


I am here to let you all know about an exciting competition which will take place over the holidays and for the first two weeks of term 3. The last photos will be accepted on Monday 2nd of August.

Catch and Click is a fishing competition where each house will award one winner a voucher worth $100 from Broome Tackle World.

A link will be emailed to you today. When you catch your fish, you are to use your phone to take a photo of yourself with the fish. You then need to screenshot the photo so that the date is verified and use the link to submit your catch. If the date is not verified the catch will not be included in the competition.

The winning catch will be chosen by a panel of people including your Head of House, your House captain, and staff from Broome Tackle World. The winning fish will not necessarily be the biggest. So get out fishing over the holidays.

Have fantastic break and make sure you submit as many entries as possible. Good luck

Mark Flanagan - Head of House

Congratulations to John Bindai

Congratulations to Johan Bindai who formally signed up for his apprenticeship in Retail at Broome McDonalds. Johan will work 7.5 hours a week. He has already been given great feedback by his manager for showing initiative and independence. Well done Johan!

Diana Jans - Head of Learning Area - Learning Support
Halal at Secondary

The Year 11 Certificate III Christian Ministry and Theology students have been looking at religions of the world. Our focus has been on Islam, and to finish the topic of study on the importance of food and religion, we planned, prepared and enjoyed a Halal meal. Many thanks to our guests for joining us on the day and well done to all the students.

Diane Popovich HOLA, Vocational Education, Training & Care
Year's 9 & 10 Business Idea for Economics

For the past 2 weeks the year 9 and 10’s have been working on a Business Idea for Economics. Students had to come up with their idea, Business Name, Logo, create surveys to find their target market and to make budgeting decisions for their product. Students were very engaged throughout the process of making their product and have a clearer understanding of the responsibilities of what it is like to own a business. St Mary’s College has a bunch of young Entrepreneur’s in the making!

A massive big thank you for coming down at lunch time yesterday to support the year 9/10’s. It was a great atmosphere and an excellent way to end the term!

Another big thank you to Mark.F and Amanda for organising and preparing students, it was a big task and there were a lot of stalls that went all out.

Raised $627

The Arts & Technologies - New Dance Room at Secondary Campus.

Today's workshop information with TARA GOWER from Bangarra Dance company.

She worked for 2 hours with the students from Yr 9 - 12 - teaching some grounded floor work for their Contemporary VET Courses.

Vicki Thompson - Dance Teacher
Visual Arts - Secondary
Student work is being fired in the Kiln for our Year 7 Visual Art students, who have been making an array of pinch pot bowls and sea creatures. Well done year 7's!

Marie Little- Visual Arts Teacher

Cross Country - Secondary

Cross country article, it’s a you tube clip of the Yr 8’s running on the 360 camera, people can use their mouse to turn the camera.

The medal winners from Cross-country yesterday at Secondary Campus.
Steven Gregory - HOLA Physical Education

House Cross country 2020 The House cross country looked a little different this year due to restrictions in place. We ran each year group at a different period in the day which lead to a less congested course and some great times recorded. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze to help cool competitors as they ran the course. This course also had to be altered this year due to construction on the campus which meant the students had to flexible and run a course new to them. The following students ran extremely well on the day and managed to place in the top 3. Congratulations also to Barbier, who were the champion House.

Yr 7 Boys

  1. Alex Keating
  2. Preston Townsend
  3. Tanner Whelan

Yr 7 Girls

  1. Henrietta Ningella
  2. Josephine Graffen
  3. Kylene Dacuyan

Yr 8 Boys

  1. Arno Green
  2. Jay Hill
  3. Meckhi Townsend

Yr 8 Girls

  1. Amelia Mitchell
  2. Cindy Wu
  3. Bethany Clarke

Yr 9 Boys

  1. Judah Te Whaiti
  2. Marcel Wynne
  3. Lewis Varga

Yr 9 Girls

  1. Nevada Croft
  2. Emma Bell
  3. Hershey Pineda

Yr 10 Boys

  1. Jobe Bedford
  2. Kaidi Allen
  3. JV Hungerford Morgan

Yr 10 Girls

  1. Lahani Dolby
  2. Matilda Allen
  3. Neola Mawoyo

Yr 11/12 Boys

  1. Luke Hungerford Morgan
  2. Daniel Ralph
  3. Billy Broadbent

Yr 11/12 Girls

  1. Rosa Hungerford Morgan
  2. Charlotte Davies
  3. Clypsy Shaw
Congratulations to St Mary’s college choir who have been nominated for WAM Song of the Year 2020 for VOICE TREATY TRUTH! Tune in to the virtual awards party on July 29th to find out who wins!
Tania McKenna - Music Specialist Coordinator
Term 3 Calendar

The School Dental Clinic at Broome Nth Primary will be closed for the school holidays & will reopen Tuesday 21st July. In case of toothache or an emergency please call 91952448 or 93130555 if the first number isn’t answered. Have a safe & fun holiday.

Sandie McCaig - Dental Nurse