Battle of Guadalcanal By Christopher Allen

The battle of Guadalcanal was between the United States Marines and the Japanese.

This is William F. Halsey,Jr.He lead the naval in the pacific during the battle of Guadalcanal.
This is Alexander A. Vandegrift,he lead the US Marines on land during the battle of Guadalcanal.

The leader of the Japanese during the Battle of Guadalcanal is unknown.

The Battle of Guadalcanal was a land,sea,and air battle.

The goal of the Marines was to take Tulagi,Guadalcanal,Florida,and a airfield.Once the Marines took all three of them the objective of the Japanese was to try and get them back.The field was later renamed to Henderson Field.

The Battle of Guadalcanal started on August 1942 and ended in February 1943.

The Battle of Guadalcanal took place at Guadalcanal which is a principle Island of the Solomon Islands in the South-Western Pacific which is Northeast of Australia.

The attack on Pearl Harbor caused the Marines to go after the Japanese and the land.

The outcome of the battle was that the Marines won because when they got the land they wanted the held their ground when the Japanese fought to get it back and three days after the Japanese gave up and the Marines still had the land.

The Battle of Guadalcanal was a significant strategic combined arms allied victory in the Pacific theater.This was a turning point in World War 2 when we were fighting against Japan.

The Battle of Guadalcanal was nicknamed "Operation Watchtower."It was also nicknamed the Guadalcanal Campaign.

The Marines fought for this land because they were going to use it to their advantage to capture more land from the Japanese.

This is what the sea battle part of the Battle of Guadalcanal looks like
Here are troops loading out of boats onto the Guadalcanal island for the ground part of the battle.
Air and sea battles took place at the same time a lot during the war.This is a carrier ship exploding.
There are multiple ships with soldiers on the heading towards Guadalcanal.

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