Project 3 "Anty" anthony and dalton

Photos of the robot

Part 1: Project Description

In this project, we were given a packet to follow the instruction. We were instructed to build a six-legged, insect-like creature that walks around and responds to its environment by expressing different types of behavior based on what its sensor see. This bot is called ANTY.

Photos of the program


Overall, this was a very interesting project. I built a seemingly complex robot, and it was quite pleasant to see it move. When I first heard that we are going to do a big project, I wasn't thrilled. But when I actually got to do it, it sparked an interested in me. Plus, there was a lot of information on the program that I didn't know about and was glad that I got to learn it.

Video of the robot

Part 2: Project description

In Part 2, we connected Anty to our Ipad using Bluetooth, then we controlled Anty through our Ipad.


This part of the project was pretty cool, we were able to control our robots using Bluetooth on our iPad. This was a very relaxing project, we got to learn something new without actually working hard. The only down side about this was the robot making noises every time it would move.


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