Trends Trends We Have Had In The Last 10 Years

We have several trends over the last ten years. Some have been very crazy while some have been life threatening. But which have been 7th grade students favorite trends? I wanted to know, so I did my survey on trends we have had in the last ten years. Some of the responses I received put me in awe, while others were what I thought they would be. Id like to share the responses I received with the rest of you. :))

All the people who took my survey were in 7th grade which I expected it to be because of the group I was grouped in.

But not all of them were the same gender.... over 90.9% were boys and 10.1% were girls

I asked what were some of there favorite trends and here were my answers ...

  • 4 for water bottle flip
  • 2 for fidget spinner
  • 3 for memes
  • 1 for pranks
  • 1 for I don't know

I asked if they liked the silly band trend and most people did not like this trend

I also asked if they liked one of the recent trends,the water bottle flipping challenge,

One of the most recent trends was the fidget spinner and these were my responses... Most people seemed to have enjoyed the trend but one person!!!

Another challenge was the mannequin challenge and my results were accurate to what I thought!!

The final question I had for my people taking my survey was, Did you like the whip/nae nae? My prepossess were accurate.

In conclusion my survey completed its purpose. It answered my question about weather or not they liked the trends we have had in the last 10 years. If I would be able to change anything about my survey it would be some of the questions I asked or they way I formatted it. Overall my survey completed its purpose.


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