"Racial profiling lives on" by Devon W. Carbado, Cheryl I. Harris, and Kimberle Williams Crenshaw


"LOS ANGELES — THE historic ruling by Judge Shira A. Scheindlin that the stop-and-frisk practices of the New York Police Department violate the Constitution is being applauded as a major victory against unreasonable policing."

This article is a Summary lead


My lead for the article: Imagine you are a Latino man who is walking in a more crime filled area of New York. You have a backpack and are talking to someone in a hushed tone, so not to distraen others. Your headphones are in so you don't notice the cop car slowly pulling up to ask you a question, the police man raises a somewhat suspicion and asks you, "What's your name and what is your buisness here". You respond saying you are just going for a walk, but before you can utter any more words the man has confiscated your bag and is looking through your personal belongings. Is any of this fair?

WHO: African Americans and Latino people

WHAT: African Americans and Latinis in The New York area are being told that police men are suspicious of them, and their belonging are getting searched with no warning, and without being told the rights they have to do in the situation

WHERE: In the New York area near the New York police department

WHEN:: August 13, 2013

WHY: It is believed to be unconstitutional and look as though people when searched are having their their rights violated and being done in a way racist matter

HOW: Go to federal court and get the policies or rules from the New York State department checked to be Constitutional, and not to be violating anyone's rights

CONCLUDING STATEMENT: "None of this is to say that Judge Scheindlin’s ruling is unimportant. But she was ruling on a particular policy. The victory leaves in place a higher body of law, Supreme Court doctrine, that continues to expose African-Americans and Latinos to surveillance, harassment, violence — and death."

MY CONCLUDING STATEMENT: Not that racism in policing is going to be banned easily in one day. But if we all come toegether and look at instead of color or gender, and that we are all people. People who need the same things to thrive upon, and coexist. We can become a unit of people and all be peaceful and respectful to each other. .

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