CuRx Health September 2019 Newsletter Healthier lives, our mission

Recruitment update

Here at CuRx we are always looking to strengthen our internal and external customer interfaces, streamline our operational efficiency to minimise response time and create a smooth experience for both patients and GP surgeries.

To this end we have employed

• three new booking staff to ensure all referrals in are responded to promptly and accurately.

• New marketing staff to improve our capacity to engage with GP’s and their staff and provide support and assistance where required.

• Full time Quality & Operations manager to oversee all business activities, compliance and continual improvement.

• Full time office manager to regulate all office administration and ensure our 10-day patient turnaround time is effectively maintained.

Patient Satisfaction Survey:

Congratulations to our Team whose hard-work and dedication proved great results; we had great quarter with 99.89% patient satisfaction. I would take a moment to appreciate our clinical team who encouraged each and every patient to participate in patient satisfaction survey at the clinic. Almost 60% of our patients participated in Patient Satisfaction survey.

Newly Awarded Contracts

CuRx is excited to announce we are now fully commissioned as NOUS AQP providers in Walsall, Huddersfield, North Kirklees and Calderdale. We are already starting to open new clinics in these CCG's and are excited to continue developing in these new areas.

New Clinics

Bolstering our already expansive range of clinics we have now opened up in the following surgeries:

• Longford Street Medical Centre - HMR

• Bolton General Practice - Bolton

• Rising Brook Surgery - Staffordshire

• Northgate Surgery - Staffordshire

• Pinfold - Walsall

• Field Head Surgery - Huddersfield

CQC Audit

In August this year CuRx was audited by the CQC where the response from anonymous patient comments was found to be 100% positive. We provided evidence as required to prove we are:

• Safe

• Effective

• Caring

• Responsive

• Well led

The final report when published will give CuRx a rating overall and for the above five areas.


CuRx continues to facilitate the continual development, improvement and training of it’s staff through Blue Stream training, CPD events and other one off opportunities.

We also provided BLS (Basic Life support) to our staff for better patient care.

Clinical Reporting - Direct to your EMR database

CuRx have now gone live with sending reports electronically where the GPSoC is properly enabled to allow receipt of them. This is to comply with NHS preference to minimise email use for patient information and saves surgeries time to upload the report into their EMR system . For surgeries unable to receive in this way the reports will be sent by NHS mail direct from our patient database. We will continue to work with and advise all current and future customers where possible to transition to this new safer method of reporting.

Kamran Ehsan CEO CuRx Health Ltd: "Wow! Its been 2 years since CuRx Health started serving the community. We have gotten tremendous support from all GP's and PM's in the area. We will continue to implement and execute our Slogan: "Achieve Excellence in Quality Through Standardisation and Continual Improvement". Month to month, we get 99.98% rating from patient satisfaction survey and we always look forward for your feedback so we can improve our services and deliver excellent patient care together. A BIG thank you for your support"