Heirloom Scavenger Hunt By The Genealogy Kids

Today, Henry is going on a treasure hunt at our house. It's an HEIRLOOM TREASURE HUNT! Mom gave him a picture of the first heirloom he needs to find ... and he found it! A blanket crocheted by Great Grandma Hardman.

And under the blanket, Henry found the next clue ... another picture of an heirloom.

This time he needed to find Great Grandma's Life History on the bookshelf. Found it!

Next clue ... the original Othello game that Mom played at Grandma's house when she was a little girl.

Grandma even hand-painted some wooden pieces to replace missing game pieces through the years.

The next clue is a tricky one. Could this old thing really be in our house somewhere?

Found it! Out in the garage ... it's a tool from Great Grandpa's wood shop. And a treasure box! What's inside?

Cookies! These are the kind of cookies that Mom ate when she visited her Grandma's house as a little girl. The treasure box also included an old family photo including the grandparents that all of these heirlooms came from.

Here are some of the other treasures Henry found during his heirloom hunt today: