Open House Portfolio Mia Orona

Plot Graph

This is a tool that is commonly used in order to organize a story into certain segments

Camera Position and Dramatic Moment

This was from the Forrest Gump dramatic scene where Bubba dies

Idea Maps

In order to make a good story project, we brainstorm and throw out different story ideas and in the end decide on the best one.


Some tips on how to properly use reflectors, along with the different strengths of different types of reflectors
Here's an example of what people commonly use reflectors for and how

Good Audio

Here are some tips and different suggestions of how to capture great audio
Here's an example of the proper way to use a boom stick when making a video/film


This is a screenshot from the interview project I worked on

Pitch Presentation

In class we were too pitch some ideas to our classmates about three different commercials we would like to make


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