The Mystery to the Mayors son By:Amanda Esparza

Brilynn started detecting when she was at a very young age. She is talented with great gifts that are fit for detecting. For example, her black belt in karate helps her fight off the criminals and do justice. Brilynn is such a great detective and everyone knows she's the one to go to when you need help. Shes solved top cases, but she never gets the appreciation that she deserves. She needed a huge case to get her recognized. So she waited and waited and finally, she found a big case that would get her rewarded.

The big case that would help her career was about the mayor's son that was kidnapped. He was abducted 2 days before his birthday. His dad didn't noticed because he was always busy all the time. The day he got abducted, the mayor thought his son had left to a friends house to spend the night. However, the day after, when his son didn't come home he finally realized that his son never spent the night at a friend's house. He asked all his security where he was and no one knew. That's when the mayor decided to call in Brilynn to help him find his son. He knew that she was a good detective, but she was going to show him that she was a great one.

Once Brilynn got her hands on that case, she started looking for clues all day and night. After looking everywhere for clues she took a small lead. Like Brilynn always said " A small lead is better than getting at nothing." From all the clues she had gathered, Brilynn found out about the mayors brother. In the files it was noted that the brother was always jealous of their money, fame, and picture perfect family. Brilynn decided to go investigate him. She got to his apartment and started searching everywhere and to her misfortune there was no clues that she could lead on too.

Brilynn knew that he wasn't the guy who did it, but maybe he knew who was the one who kidnapped him. So Brilynn started questioning him and it turns out he knew nothing about his nephews kidnapping. Since he knew nothing about the kidnapping, Brilynn left. While she was about to walk out, the uncle said something that gave Brilynn her primary answer to this case. He asked Brilynn " It must be hard on the mother knowing that she hasn't seen her son, and now to discover that he is kidnapped." Once those words left his mouth, Brilynn knew what she had to look for . She looked into the file about the mother and it turns out the mayor and her got divorced about a year ago. Also about a week before their son's birthday, the mayor won over full custody of their child.

Brilynn thought to her self how could she not catch that it was the mother. It all started making sense to her why she had done it. It's the mothers only child and her little baby and she just lost him forever . After Brilynn took in what she discovered, she asked some of the mother's co-workers where she could find her, but only one knew. Her co-worker had told Brilynn how she started going through depression after the lose and how she just lost her job plus she cant afford her apartment anymore so now she lives in a old run downed motel that no one would ever think of looking. As soon as Brilynn arrived to the motel, she checked the front clerk for the room and once she got the key she sprinted up the stairs and across the hall and finally reached the room.

Each step that Brilynn took she could hear the sound of laughter. She knew for sure that the mayors son had to be in there. She slowly opened up the door and spotted the little boy playing with his toy cars. She took a deep breath because she finally solved the case. Then the mother came in the room and just froze there and started crying. She starting sobbing and saying she just wanted her little son back. Brilynn took a minute and stood in the mothers shoes. She felt her feelings of how it feels to not have your son with you everyday. However, she had to do the right thing and hand her over to the authorities. What this mother did was against the law and just wrong.

After handing the mother to the police, they booked her and locked her away. Brilynn personally handed over the mayor's son and you can see all of the joy and smiles in their face to have each other back. The mayor thanked Brilynn so much for returning his son back to him and told her to be back at the mayor's office for her reward. The next day the mayor held a town meeting to give a gratitude speech and awarding her for all her hard work. He gave her a medal of honor, as well to show his appreciation.


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