Words, Words, Words Calvin Olsen's Copywriting Portfolio

I have experience writing copy for a variety of companies, from technology start-ups to medical offices. I hold graduate degrees in creative writing & health humanities, which give me an edge when it comes to shaping and maintaining the unique voice so important to setting you and your products apart from your competition.

Feel free to scroll through this page to see examples of my work. All background photos featuring text are samples from past & current projects. (Note: some current project samples are works-in-progress and may contain errors, which I always rectify in this portfolio after completing the project.)

My work as a copywriter is to communicate with unique and specific audiences. I am fascinated by user interface design (UI): the behind-the-scenes work done to ensure clients can navigate new and important information successfully and efficiently. No matter what form your message takes—a website, a phone app, a written report, or something else—the words you choose influence how others view your business.

One of my favorite past projects involved writing and editing all the scripts for an iOS app called Habnab. Habnab is a Boston-based start-up working to connect people around the globe to social events in their vicinity, and my role allowed me to influence the look and feel of the app. From welcome screens to error messages, my work got users where they needed to be. Habnab curated huge amounts of information on its own—my job was to make sure everyone could access it quickly and seamlessly.

My largest current project is a full-scale website revision for an optometry office in North Carolina. Carrboro Family Vision is a locally-owned practice serving a vibrant, eclectic clientele. Although their current site was sufficient a few years ago, their needs and the needs of their patients have evolved. With expert doctors and an on-site optical shop, CFV is experiencing growing pains of the best kind.

Since CFV has already cultivated a solid relationship with their community, my focus is on maximizing their business model and anticipating future needs. Our three main objectives are to (1) continue drawing in new business, (2) streamline the customer experience, and (3) educate CFV’s client base. More and more tech-savvy consumers find their healthcare providers and information online, so a cutting-edge website will help CFV sustain the growth they currently enjoy.

In addition to my professional work, I have an ongoing volunteer position as a copywriter for Stepping Stones International. SSI is a non-profit based in Mochudi, Botswana primarily serving orphaned and vulnerable children in the area.

My first assignment was to revise all of SSI's existing hard-copy materials and to generate new text to help modernize their website. I now consult on new and ongoing projects, some of which find audiences in worldwide organizations like the United Nations and European Union.

With a creative and interdisciplinary background, I'm used to analyzing and synthesizing large amounts of information and narrowing in on how (and why) audiences interact with it. Whether you need to revamp existing work or start from scratch, I'm here to hit the ground running with you. Feel free to visit my website for more information about me and my work.


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