Spreading Gospel

When I saw this video below, I became warm hearted from a person named Joseph Butso. You saw this video already.

I thought that his story is a good example for us to think about spread Gospel. We can learn spreading the Gospel from him. Most Christians are afraid of spreading or sharing the Gospel, Good News on a street outside. However, I saw his passion and his love to sing CCM or Gospel song. In addition, I saw his face how he was happy with his face and body reacting while he was singing. In there, I felt hard time, suffering, kindness, humble, joyful, hanging out, encourage, and the experience of God through him on the street.

I have a plan on Easter. After lunch, all youth will sing Gospel song or CCM on the Wall Mart street at 1:15pm to 1:40pm with guitars playing and will share Good New paper spreading.

Tell me which song better for Easter?

On my head, "How Great is our God" and "How Great Thou God"

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