American Samoa Tiffany ROssetti

Located in a volcanic crater on the island of Tututila

Habitats; coral reefs, & fishing grounds

Species; turtles, fish, coral, sharks, whales, plants; they interact well with each other

Unique features; only tropical reef, some of the oldest and largest porites of coral and important fishing grounds

Human roles; NOAA manages and works closely with the Samoan communities nearby, keeping up with the cultural traditions and practices

Major issues; Last tropical sanctuary also they have to regulate water and temperate

Protection; long term monitoring, regulations, enforcement, research, and they educate people

Research; how to monitor and recover coral reefs, also they reasearch fish, plants and other invertebrates

Why; it's the last true tropical sanctuary not only with coral reefs but with fish, plants, mamals and a tone of other species.

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