“Hero of the Maidan” Olesya Zhukovskaya now has every reason to fear for her life. And her problem is connected with the “wound” received on the Maidan. More precisely, she herself has already become (as yet a living) “problem” for those who rocked the situation on the Maidan. Her neck is a clue.

Here is the moment immediately after the "wound"

According to her story, immediately after the injury she talked (!) With people who were with her nearby. Pay attention – no trace of blood coming through the mouth. Here are a few photos of the entrance and exit holes of “bullet”.

Here’s the entrance hole of the “bullet”

Here's the entrance hole "bullets"
Here is the output of the “bullet”

The surgeon who operated her, publicly, in front of the cameras, with numerous witnesses, said that “the bullet went right through.

“The bullet was swirling”
“Bullet has passed on the lower jaw”
"... just about me, a shot in the back ... A shot in the neck. Through."

At the viewers’ judgment – the same bullet was presented, which allegedly would have been “wounded” the nurse.

The bullet, which (according to the original version) allegedly passed on the flight through the neck of Olesya Zhukovskaya.

Speaking of a bullet. In this story, there are many different versions of where this bullet took off, where it was “found” (“there were a lot of bullets” (!!!)), etc. There are a lot of videos and photos, in which viewers are presented with the “same” bullet. In this case – no video, no photo, no pool of blood. That’s interesting, who handed “witnesses” (and most likely – accomplices) “the same” bullet?

“With this bullet, just now, just next to me …”

There is evidence of Olesya herself about the withdrawal of the bullet for examination (screen below):

Screen shot by Olesya Zhukovskaya for accusation of deceit

Olesya Zhukovskaya also inadvertently published a certificate confirming a bullet wound:

A document, provided by Olesya Zhukovskaya, in support of a bullet wound.

The test was dated February 21, less than 24 hours after the bullet hit the neck. According to this document:

  • Conclusion: “signs of hematoma of the mediastinum (chest area), bruises in the lobes of the right lung, hematomas of the soft tissues of the neck are more to the left.”
  • The operation was performed: the sublingual gland is sewn, and the artery is only tamponed.

Where is there at least one word about the wound?

The opinion of the surgeon. As a connoisseur of military field surgery, I can state the following. In the human neck, there are many vital structures, such as the cervical spine with the cervical spinal cord, and the nerves of the brachial and cervical plexuses, as well as the vagus nerves. Plus the esophagus, the trachea, the carotid arteries and the jugular veins. All of them pass fairly close to each other. This is not counting the muscles and smaller vessels, which in the neck a lot. A bullet wound to the neck would necessarily cause damage to one of the above anatomical formations with a direct threat to life, as a rule. Due to profuse bleeding, which in the field conditions can not be stopped, and on the operating table, it is very problematic. In any case, a disabling trauma.

On the Internet, there are many photos of bullet wounds in the neck. I do not want to upload such specific photos here. Who cares – Google to help. I will say, only that after the bullet passes through the neck, it flies (as Olesya tells this to the camera), the destruction of the internal organs is such that it is almost impossible to survive. Not something to talk about.

"It was an input ..."
Here is another photo of the inlet

By the way, the network has an info that Francois Hollande (with the direct participation of which was “Minsk-2”) knew that the “wound” – this is a fake.

Approximately in these same days, – a wound from the entrance of the bullet is not observed.
Here is the inlet after a wonderful “recovery”

All in front of you. Who does not have enough information – Google to help you. The network mentions that during the dramatization of this “wound” the Roman Gurik, who was at the time near Olesya, the hero of Heavenly Hundred, was killed (I think that the circumstances of his death should be clarified). In order to believe in this performance, someone should have been killed next to Olesya. I admit that many people have been used in the dark. It is noteworthy that “Espreso” just at the same time “completely by accident” conducted a live broadcast from the scene.

Coordination of the actions of the organizers of this performance with snipers shooting people at the Institutskaja Street is obvious.
The sniper had to kill someone next to Olesya Zhukovskaya.

Here is a strange message that Olesya Zhukovskaya did shortly before the “wound”. I understand – it can mean anything. But most often the most simple explanation is the correct one.

Strange post on 10/02/2014

The screens below are part of Olesya’s correspondence describing the circumstances of the “wound”.

Part of the correspondence Olesya Zhukovskaya, which she led from the hospital.

Comment from @Krimnevash: “I can add something, I’ve personally been in situations that threatened me with death.It’s hard to describe, but one thing is clear – you see and think at that moment about different things – pictures bright from childhood, God, prayers … BUT So, it’s true that those who survived similar situations will be confirmed, then, on Maidan, it “wrote in social network” I was just amazed … “

I suspect that the video of the shooting of people at the Institutskaja 2014.02.20, in which a woman who looks like Olesya several times, will not be available soon. For this reason, I spread the screenshots below from him below. Here we see the first appearance of Olesya (conditionally call her so) in the frame, constantly waving her hands over her. It is visible to the person who met her. She continues to wave her hands. Both look toward the houses along the street of the architect Gorodetsky. Then the companion hugs her neck and both go up.

Frames from the movie “Revolution Ukraine Kiev Contratra Maidan Instituteskaja str.” 2014.02.20 “

Next, the guy (behind the shields) clearly show both of them “leave from here” (swinging the hand). The companion continues to hold her by the neck. Go downstairs. Then her companions surrounded her (near the pillar) from the camera side. The next frame, she looks up at the Institutskaja, her left hand is lifted up and lies on the shoulder of her companion. Then, with her right hand, she clings to her neck to the left and all three of them go down the Institute.

The attentive spectator can notice:

  • On the woman in the frame, there are no knee pads (gray color), or glasses on a helmet (green color). And the cape (white) on it has a different pattern. And on Olesia, which was brought to the Maidan, there are knee pads and glasses;
  • A woman in the frame only climbed the Institute upwards (in an embrace), then went down (in an embrace), to the place of “injury”. And she did not help anybody. (Why does the companion walk around with Olesya, it’s easy to guess – the sniper must kill someone who is next to her. What’s not to be confused);
  • The people who are near to Olesya in the frame are completely different from those “witnesses” who appeared before television cameras on the Maidan;
  • And why did you even take it that Olesya Zhukovskaya is in the picture? And in general, at what here is the Institutskaya street, if (according to one version) she was injured in the Lyadsky Gate area? (Indeed, how many other women in the white cape of a paramedic at the same time on Institutskaya could be wounded in the neck, and even so that she would hold her neck from the left …)

When asking these questions, you will certainly be right. THINK.

Compare these facts with the murder of Sergei Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky. About which (of course, absolutely “accidentally“) was previously filmed rich video footage: how they read poetry, about their lives, interviews with them, about how they live, what they think about what is happening. Remember? – these films began to twist in all channels immediately after the murder of each of them.

To whom was it profitable?

To whom and for what it was required to plan and organize this bloody performance? Who then heavily PR on “Heroine of the Maidan” Olesya Zhukovskaya? Who benefited from it?

Who organized and conducted a mass information company “Wounded on the Maidan Olesya Zhukovskaya forgave snipers.” And in whose interests was it done? The directors of the shooting on the Maidan were probably very proud of this invention.

As a “cherry on the cake” – fragment from the movie about “injuries” in the neck. Look, until this movie is closed. Most of all, I am surprised by the reaction of my mother. Instead of the words “my child could be killed,” she (I’m afraid to say the word “joyfully“) tells us “my child is the part of the history now”. Maybe the reaction of the mother is somehow nervous? I don’t think so …

The “wound” of Olesya Zhukovskaya, the murder of “Heavenly Hundred“, everything was staged to maximize the situation, and create a bloody picture of Maidan.

And the torchlight processions that followed the “victory of the Maidan” (with all my personal respect for the memory of Stepan Andreevich Bandera) were called upon to convince the outside world (those who are acting) in coming to power so called. “the bloody Kiev junta”. To scare the “bloody Right Sector”, the symbols of the regiment “Azov” (which should be associated with broken lines of symbolism? Who suggested them to Azov?), Etc. To infuse fear into “cotton souls”, and thereby simplify the sale of the Crimea with the subsequent occupation, the Russian occupation of Donbass and other territories of Ukraine.

And this scenario was implemented by this so-called “authority“. The power in Ukraine is taken by schizophrenics and ghouls.

P.S. Recently I saw a discussion of this material with critical comments about the published. In view of the fact that to establish the truth it is necessary to consider different (even if directly opposite) points of view, I considered it necessary to give a reference to this discussion.

P.S.2. Recently a video was posted:

Apparently, this story will continue …

Author: @Prizrak_opery

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Attempts to manipulate people so called. "power" continues to this day.
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