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Hello, My name is Anthony, welcome to my slideshow. In this slideshow I will tell you about the History of Spain!

Spain was a great place to trade many things. Silver, copper, iron, and timber was mainly sold. Spain had many wonderful things to look at.

Many groups tried to invade Spain though. The first group to invade Spain were the Celtas. The Celtas were from present day France. The Celtas controlled Northern Spain and the Iberos controlled the Southern part of Spain. Later, the Celtas and the Iberos formed the Celtiberos and they officialy inhabited Spain.

In 409 A.D. the Roman Empire falls. The Kingdom of the Visigoths come out of Germany and takes over Spain. In 711 A.D. though the Arabs, Berbers, and Syrians from North Africa defeat the Visigoths and take nearly all of the peninsula.

During the La Reconquista Christian Kingdoms and Muslims who controlled the south were constantly fighting. Finally, Jesus comes into view from Rome.

In Toledo, Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived here. There were many synagogues, churches, and Arab style architecture.

The Spanish Inquisition was a very cruel punishment for non-christians. In 1492 the last Moorish King was defeated. All Muslims remaining in Spain were forced to leave or convert to Christianity. Many did not convert and were tortured them until they converted or killed them.

In 1554 Felipe II marries Mary Tudor of England in an attempt to create an international Catholic alliance. A male heir from this marriage would have become King of England, however, there was no son and the protestant Elizabeth I came to power in England. In 1588 Spain's Armada is defeated by England.

Felipe II is succeeded by his son, then Felipe III dies and his son, Felipe IV, takes the throne. Felipe IV reigns over one of the richest cultural periods in Spanish history: the Siglo de Oro

Finally Felipe IV's son, Carlos II dies in 1700 and leaving no heir to ascend to the throne of Spain.

War of Spanish Succession pitted royal families and their nations against each other to see who would rule Spain. War ends in 1713, with Spain losing Gibraltar to the English. Felipe V, the Bourbon grandson of Louis XIV, becomes king of Spain. The Bourbon family remains the royal family of Spain today.

The Bourbons were competent rulers, but were more concerned about life with court. There were many efforts to convert Spain into a modern state, based on Neoclassical ideas of the Enlightenment

More War! The rebellion of 2 May 1808 in Madrid begins War of Spanish Independence. Joseph Bonaparte was removed from throne of Spain in 1812. During these upheavals, most of the colonies in America gained independence. Constitution of 1812 establishes a parliamentary monarchy in Spain.

Son of Carlos IV, (Fernando VII) he returned from exile in France to rule after defeat of Napoleon’s troops. Fernando VII dies without a male heir, leaving only his daughter, Isabel. The country is divided on the issue of a woman ruler.Isabel II reigned from 1833-1868.

Isabel II ruled through political turmoil, with the Carlists continually opposing her authority. But “The Glorious Revolution” removes Isabel II from power in 1868. A short-lived experiment places king Amadeo de Saboya, an Italian, on the throne from 1870-1873

Unable to put stop to the political tension and low morale of the country, Alfonso XII allows a military general to establish a dictatorship from 1923-1931. The dictatorship is unable to solve the problems of the country. In 1931, elections are held to determine if Spain should continue a monarchy or give democracy another try.

The Second Republic of Spain is established in 1931, ushering in an era of hope and optimism. They set up a new, progressive constitution, which gives women the right to vote, allows divorce, separates the Church from the State, and creates public schools.


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