Holes Character Essay Stanley Yelnats

Stanley’s character changes from weak to tough and then loyal near the end. Stanley’s character is the one that changes the most in the book holes. At the beginning of the book is weak Stanley was always being bullied because he was so big and couldn’t stand up for himself very well. “He was overweight and the kids at his middle school often teased him about his size.”(Sachar:1998) Stanley was tough at the middle of the book because he felt accepted as a member of their tent. "His muscles and hands weren;t the only thing that had hardened over the past several weeks. His heart had hrdened as well." Near the end of the book Stanley is loyal because he carries Zero up a mountain and dosen't want to leave Zero behindw when it is time for Stanley to leave. "Stanley took Zero's fore arms and pulled him upright. Then he stooped down and let Zero fall over his right shoulder. He stood up, lifting Zero's worn-out body off the ground. Stanley character changed

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