Every success story begins when someone plants a seed. Before man walked on the moon, there were years of preparation along with trial and error that took place. Here at the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) we believe in shooting for new heights. We prepare students for not only the real world but to become those who flourish in their desired fields.


For months we have dedicated our time to uncover groundbreaking research from some of the top scientists in the country. My peers and I have prepared to dive into the depths of some of the most rigorous studies of our generation.


It was a pleasure to embark on this journey. We were required to interview a scientist, create an informal video, a print design piece, as well as a web page discussing the research that we are conducting here at the University of Florida.


We have worked alongside Dr. Matt Benge and his effort to bring awareness to the UF/IFAS Program Development and Evaluation Center (PDEC), which is designed to reach out into the local communities and provide much-needed knowledge to the general public. This opportunity has allowed us to blossom into the leaders we truly are and develop skills that will allow us to begin our careers with some of the industries' most honorable professionals.


It is true. This has not been easy but thanks to the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication we have bloomed into some of the industries' leading professionals.


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