Good Life Nature Activity at the FLMNH Oscar Sanz Diaz

Nature on Display

Northwest Florida Waterways and Wildlife exhibit caught my attention in particular because of its unique setup. Its entrance - a guided path - was marked by dimming lights and scenery resembling a natural cave. Upon continuing the path, I found multiple plaques with information about the multiple wonders in caves. I learned that small things one often considers insignificant actually possess utmost imports. The overlooked cave was actually a hub for plants, animals, and humans by providing both food and shelter. This honestly permitted me to develop my appreciation for things that I too often do not ever think of.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold advises us that we should admire, love, and respect nature. By visiting the Butterfly Garden, I was able to do this and appreciate such small, fragile bugs possess. I even was able to focus on the diverse patterns of colors on their wings, which further enhanced the image of beauty that they conveyed. Advancing through the path I found a bright colored butterfly near me. Other butterflies that seemed plainly colored because of their brown outside wings actually had vibrant blue wings that one could see upon opening. Truly, this section allowed me to take time to admire nature and its immense beauty. The reactions others around me showed of concern (to step or hurt the butterflies showed me that people extend their love of nature even to things as small as butterflies. Truly, this forged the attitude that humans should always strive to protect nature's beauty in me.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Truly, the Natural History Museum slowed down my day and allowed me to appreciate nature as well as the world around me. Experiencing all of the exhibits made me feel like a drop in the ocean. I realized how large the world really was, and how important practically everything truly is. The evolution exhibit especially showed me how much we as well the world and has changed; it also made me wonder how much stronger and more magnificent everything will be in the future. Seeing how much nature influences us changed my view on the mysterious, yet majestic world.

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