Alex Smith's CU1010 Journal Spring 2017

2.7.2017: Procrastination

I do have a huge problem with procrastination. I don't usually wait until the last minute to start, but I do start projects, wait a while, and then finish them in the nick of time. Seeing five projects in one week (such as this week) stresses me out, and I tend to shut down if I'm not careful. I hope to change this mindset soon by using the strategies presented in this class. using the "process over product" mindset means that one is more focused on taking the right steps to complete a task, ensuring its quality. To not use this approach means the the quality of the finished project is not important to that person, showcasing laziness or worse, disrespect to the "audience" to whom the presenters gives the project.

2/23/2017: Study Methods

Using Dr. Felder's checklist, I got seven "yes" answers and five "no" answers. Some of the questions really made me reevaluate my study habits. For instance, one of the questions asked if I went over study guides with other people instead of just studying alone. Upon thinking about it, I should have tried using outside sources instead of trying to power through on my own. That, sleeping more, outlining problem solutions, and making absolutely sure that I understand all the homework questions could make a world of difference in the future.


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