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For my self-designed experiment I started using google calendars and an app called my study life to help incorporate my schedule into a more organized process. My biggest problem is time management and in a world were we are always connected to technology I felt like the best way for me to stay up with my ever changing schedule was to have it readily available to me at a moments notice and to be able look at what I am supposed to be doing or where im supposed to be, I also incorporate my work excel files into my google calendar and keep the excel file saved on my phone. The best part of the google calendar is that it syncs with Crotona on my phone and my laptop so my calendar is readily available or accessible from my phone and my laptop. This helps me stay more organized and make changes on the fly as I’m working. This really helps me because of my work schedule and its ability to change at a moments notice I can add events or practices at a moments notice or I get rid of things on my schedule when events get canceled. A prime example of this is when my work day at jervy got canceled and I was able to plan go to my study schedule form learning objective 2 and plan in some more time to study. Another thing that is very great about the google calendar system is it allows me to easily send my boss a copy of my schedule so they know when I have things going on and when I am actually available to work. That has been one of my big issues in the past because I would be afraid to tell my bosses I was busy and now that they have access to my schedule at a glance they are able to better work with me on the activates that they assign me. Another way that using google calendar has helped is allowing me to send my friends a copy so they know when ill have some free time to maybe do things like play golf or go fishing. The my study life app allows me to do the same thing as the google calendar except it is more school organized and not as life oriented I like the my study life because it neater than my google calendar and even shows me how long I have between classes and breaks. I will defiantly be using these techniques in the future to help me stay organized and stay on task in the up coming semesters.

this is probably what i live off of each semester it show what weeks im on football and what weeks i will be on other sports. this small excel file determines my social and school life for the entire semester. the great part about this is that since it is on office 365 i can pull it up on my phone or my laptop anytime that i need to.

Baseball sign up sheet easy to see in excel
a glimpse at the my study life calendar

one of my favorite things about using apps like my study life is it constantly keeps my days schedule displayed on my home screen as displayed above. 

cortona showing me my schedule since it is linked to my google calendar

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