Iran is put ON NOTICE by us for weekend missile test By Chance G.

Donald Trump declared on Thursday that his administration had put Iran “on notice”, signalling both a tougher US line with Tehran and a new test of relations after a weekend missile launch by the Islamic republic. During his campaign, Mr Trump threatened to unravel or renegotiate a nuclear deal that the Obama administration and other world powers sealed with Tehran in 2015, but has taken no public steps to deliver on that since taking office.On Thursday morning, the US president said on Twitter that Iran had been “formally put on notice”, and that the country “should have been thankful for the terrible deal” it made with the US.

This may show to some people as a test for Donald trump to start off his term but this is a huge matter that a lot of people feel unstable with Donald's presidency and the other states are wondering to I bet. The arising problem is that everyone is judging him before his term ends and the other states get mad Iran doing a missile test can make the viable to a sign of aggression or act of war. His office is already at work changing stuff and acting on problems. This ballistic missile being shot off makes everyone's nerves go off so of course he must act on it and make sure they're on notice before it's to late and even if it was a small matter that shows they have military power which could lead to a lot of bad matters.

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