SIL Celebrates International Mother Language Day 21 February 2018

Including People of All Languages

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to see all people included in opportunities for a better life.

No matter what language they speak or sign.

No matter what script they use to read and write their language.

No matter what oral or written medium best serves their needs.

Celebrating International Mother Language Day,

Dr. Michel Kenmogne | Executive Director

SIL joins UNESCO in celebrating International Mother Language Day, observed each year on 21 February.

Read more about efforts to include people of all languages through partnerships in multilingual education, font technology and training methods that allow communities to plan the future of their own languages.

SIL’s service is founded on the principle that communities should be able to pursue their social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual goals without sacrificing their ethnolinguistic identity.

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SIL Communications


Photography: B. Trudell, H. Pubols, S. Dhankhar, A. Hemphill  Video: T. Cox, A. Reimer, J. Walton

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