Okmalumkoolkat Amalobola Music video treatment

Visual Journey Summery

Amalobo is a song that describes how our 'character/artist' lost the love of his life due to chasing his passion and choosing to focus on the good times instead of the love of his life and how he he hadn't paid for lobola because he wanted to get his finances right before hand. We will create a visual journey based around Mulums' lyrics in the song, vital lyrics of the song will be put across aesthetically in the video, the video will be visual driven consisting of zero rap to camera scenes. The video will consist of 3 pivotal scenes, a street scene (establishment of our charcter), a house corridor scene (where we bring the lyrics to life in each room Malum' passes while walking down the corridor) and a hill side scene (where we show the resolution where Mulum' sees his love.

Scene by scene breakdown

Scene 1 (opening scene/ Street 2)

The image behind is a reference of the first scene where we see this silhouetted figure walk through the middle of the Alley-Way drunk and swerving all over the place holding a bottle of champagne but then suddenly stops and looks at the image standing in front of him, he sees a cow just standing there, thinking he is hallucinating, he looks at this cow in aware try to keep his balance then vomits, camera stays with him for the vomit.

Scene 2 ( house corridor scene/ scene where Malum' sees his wrongs)

The image behind is the reference for scene 2 where we see Malum' put his head up after the vomit transition, after he puts his head up we see his face slightly illuminated, pink and blue is the lighting refernce for the whole scene, there will be 7 doors(rooms) in the house Malums will walk through and in each room where he walks past the will be something happening, he will notice whats happening but he wont go in. Room 1 will be spova gang tailoring their outfits, room 2 will be a guy and his girl arguing, room 3 will be hood guys wearing cavellas, dancing and holding beers calling him into the room, room 4 will elderly women sitting on a 'tsali' looking at him walk past.
Room 5 Malums will see this cow again standing in the center of the room, room 6 we will see a girl standing in the center of the room with her back against the door, looking at zulu tradional wedding gifts (blankets,pots,tsalis). Room 7 Malum' decides to stop and and look at the door as he finds his balnce because that door is locked but there is a bright light shining through the door, he opens the door and goes through it.

Scene 3 (field scene/resolution scene)

The image is reference for when Malum' walks through the door in scene 2 to scene three, this is the example of the establishing shot for this scene, here we will have our character fully lit and clearly visible. our character will take a few steps foward and drop the bottle of champagne and then continue walking to tree a bit of a distance in front of him, during the walk to the tree a couple of silhouette mirages will appear on the left of him, he wont pay attention to the mirrages, he will continue walking
The images will appear from afar on the corner of the eye of Malums, the figures will be silhouetted, a couple of them will show up before Malum' reaches the tree, we will see a group of women standing, carrying blankets on their heads looking at Malum' walk, we will see a cow eat grass, we will see the same zulu warrior dance and rejoice.
This is when we see Malum' reach the tree where a girl in a wedding dress is standing gazing in the opposite direction, Malums walks to reaches out his hand then the video ends.

Lighting palette

The reason for using different lighting setups in each scene is due to the enhancement of the mood and feel we going for in each scene and also showing the characters state of mind and representing the point he was at in his life. In scene 1 the silhouette lighting will show that at that point our character was lost within himself, the dark and evil things in his life took over. In scene two where we show a bit of his face will represent the point where he starts seeing whats really important to him, its will represent the point he chooses to forget focusing on the fame and focusing on doing the right thing for himself and his family. Scene 3 where our character is fully lit will represent his acceptance of the good person he has become, he inst shrouded by darkness anymore but he has now seen the light through the evil.

Shot and lensing

The video will be shot in a slo-motion rate of 60fps, our lensing through out the video will mostly be a 14mm wide lens in order to show the deformed edges of our frame which will represent our characters mood of uneasiness and showing that he doesn't have his shit together yet, (his world inst straight yet there are still those crooked edges he needs to fix.)

The End Thank you, we will wait for your input Malum'.

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