EAGA Children's Choir Manifest Talent

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Artwork designed by Antonia Whyte

65 Children from different parts of the world took part in Children United in Song Covid19 Project. When the whole world went into Lockdown, our Coordinator Sister Ellah Kandi thought it wise for us to unite with other children who were experiencing the pandemic in other places around the world. As Gospel music is known to encourage, and lift those who are low spirited, the challenge was to sing a song acapella to encourage the world during the pandemic and especially key-workers, in Healthcare, Social Care and those who work in supermarkets that made sure we had food.

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This is in Support of the Leicestershire Police's #LivesNotKNives Project

EAGA Presents Children's Thoughts on 'Stop the Knife Crime' in support #LivesNotKnives Campaign.

Here is what the Police say:

Our Lives Not Knives campaign aims to deter people from picking up a knife in the first place by highlighting the dangers and consequences of doing so. One knife crime incident is one too many. There is support available for those who carry a knife or may be considering carrying a weapon, as well as anyone concerned about someone they know who has one. We are committed to working with our partners to tackle knife crime and address its underlying issues.