How America Started In 5 dates

Spain wanted to sail the Atlantic ocean but everyone was scared because there was a rumor that there was creatures that could take your ship down. But one man Christopher Columbus took the risk and he became the first European man to make to the unknown land today called Puerto Rico. But he proved a point that it was compactly safe to sale arose the Atlantic ocean. The only reason he sails the Atlantic ocean was to go west to the Indies. He landed in Puerto Rico but he thought he was in the Indies. He called the land Espanola. So people in England came over and started the United states.

Roanoke was the first colonie in the new world that the British settled in. It was unsuccessful because when Sir Rolley crossed to fined his colonie. They were not there. His crew checked all over they valuables were not there ether. So he thought the Indian took them until he saw marked on a tree Croatone . He was confused because he did not now what that meant to even today we still to not now what Croatone ment.

This is when they saw marked on the tree Croatone.

Revolutionary War

This is the first battle at Lexington and Concord were when the Americans cheated a little bite because they hid and shot at the British in the forest .they capt on doing this for the whole war.
This picture shows the Americans raiding Fort Ticonderoga. They won easily because the British were drunk and sleeping so they really did not have to fight.
Bunker Hill was a win win because the Americans killed more people but the British captured Bunker Hill.
This is after the Americans had a harsh winter in Valley forge and after a general brought back all the cannons from Ticonderoga.
Yorktown was the last battle of the revolutionary war . This battle got the British tired of fighting.
The Tready of Paris confirmed the United States independence and to teat them like one.

The constitutional convention was when America was just starting and they did not want to be a monarchy country. So they put together a meaning were they are going to make all the laws including the Continuation. and that is when Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton Created the democratic and republican. Those teams want different laws than each other. And that was the constitutional convention.

It helped start the American laws instead of doing what ever you want.

I picked this because it was an important part of the American because It was the first ever none monarchy place in the world. Washington made a good decision because he could of made America a monarchy.


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