Horses By molly mckee

Horses have been one of the most useful animals for over 1000 years.

Riding a horse into battle gave the soldier riding the horse a great advantage, because being higher than your enemy made it easier to harm them

Horses were born to work and run. Horses have sharp ears, keen eyes, a good sense of smell, and very strong teeth. And their strong muscular legs could mortally injure or kill a human being

But horses can also transmit diseases. Like rabies, brucellosis, or leptospirosis. Horses also transmit Antrax and Glanders, witch a human could get if they were close enough to the animals or inhaled anything from the animal

Horses have a quick obedience, which makes them a very valuable animal. Horses have good memories, so they are easier to train them with commands.

There are more than 150 breeds of horses.

People breed horses to get better, faster, and stronger horses

Today horses are usually used for racing, because new technology has replaced horses in war and most of their other jobs


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