GUHSD Infinite Campus (IC) Help Information Key links for the Parent and Student "Campus Portal"

Logging Into Infinite Campus on a Web Browser

Make sure to start at the correct web address. Do not just Google "Infinite Campus." There is a custom login link just for the Grossmont Union High School District.

Students click on "Campus Student" and parents click on "Campus Parent."

NOTE: When logged into your student Chromebook, this link should also be in the "School Links" bookmark folder in the top-left corner of your Chrome browser.

First Time Logging In (for Students)

Student accounts are automatically created when they enroll with a custom format.

Student Usernames

Student usernames are simply their 6-digit student ID numbers. Do not add @guhsd.net to the username. Example: 123456

Student Initial Passwords

The initial password is automatically set as: flmmddyy

  • f = student's first name initial - use a lowercase letter
  • l = student's last name initial - use a lowercase letter
  • mm = the 2-digit month of birth - January=01, February=02, March=03, April=04, May=05, June=06, July=07, August=08, September=09, October=10, November=11, December=12
  • dd = the 2-digit date of birth - 01, 02, etc.
  • yy = the 2-digit date of birth = 2002=02, 2003=03, 2004=04, 2005=05, 2006=06, 2007=07, etc.

Example: For student John Smith born on February 7, 2006 - the initial password would be js020706

The video below will also walk you through how to log in as a student for the first time, including how to set up a security email that will allow you to reset your password in the future. We highly recommend that students use their @guhsd.net address for their security email.

Logging Into Smartphone / Mobile App (for Students)

NOTE: Please log in on a web browser (and not the smartphone / mobile app) when logging in for the first time or when resetting your password.

How to Use Infinite Campus (for Students)

Student Self-Reporting Participation (starting January 2021)

Students: Make sure that you are logged into your student account to self-report your participation. This will not work if you are logged into your parent's account.

How to Change /Reset Your Password (for Students)

Method #1: Forgot Password? Link

If you previously set up a security email successfully, you may use the Forgot Password? link and you should receive an auto-generated email at that address to reset your password. While we recommend people set their @guhsd.net address as their security email, it is possible for students to set a personal address. So, try checking your various email inboxes.

If you do not receive an auto-generated email to reset your password, try Method #2 below.

Method #2: Google Form Reset Request

This method should always work but it is not instantaneous.

Click on the button below to open a Google Form to submit. Make sure to submit it using your school @guhsd.net account.

What happens after submitting the Google Form?

Your Google Form request goes to actual human beings who work for district's technology department! This means that requests are only filled when staff members have available time during their work hours. So, after submitting the form, you may need to wait up to one full school day. However, requests are filled as soon as possible and so if it's a school morning, you will usually get it reset that same day.

Once a staff member has reset your password, you will receive a message in your @guhsd.net Gmail account so make sure to check your email!


  • Check your email frequently so you do not miss the reset message. If you wait for too long (more than a few days), the reset link may expire and you will have to submit a Google Form request again.
  • Check your email from your Chromebook or a computer web browser. The reset can have issues if you attempt it with your phone or mobile device.
  • When clicking on the emailed link to reset your password, click only one time and carefully. If you click on it multiple times by accident, it can invalidate the link and you will have to submit a Google Form request again.

Below is a video version of Method #2.

Infinite Campus Help for Parents

When you register your student in the district, you will receive an emailed portal invitation to log in and set up a new password.

If you need to reset your password, use the linked Google Form below. In order to work, the email address used for the form must be listed on your student's Infinite Campus account. If you need to have a parent/guardian email address added to your student's account, please contact your school for help.

Parents, you may find the video below helpful. It is also available to view in Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi.

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