Prague, Perfect pattern for a maze

A dozen or so years have passed since my friend Cassie and I made a trip to Prague, Czech Republic...long ago separated from Slovakia although Czechoslovakia does trip off one's tongue almost automatically. On that trip we arrived by train with bayonet-carrying soldiers on each car of what appeared to have been a troop train at some point in history. In contrast to the dark, dank train station, we departed the city from the sleekest, most advanced airport one can imagine. What has not changed is the charm, the Old World hobble-stone streets with vendors of flowers, sweets, foods, Christmas markets and garnets.....

Kathy search of spot for lunch...too chilly for al fresco dining!
In Prague, he must remember to pause, look up, but remain open to the wonderful adventures which can occur when one gets "lost."
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Helen Ledgerwood

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