Pennsylvania 1763 salvain birosh

William Penn is the Founder of Pennsylvania. He got the land as payment that the king owed his father. He also governed what would become Delaware until the Revolutionary War.

This is the church of Quakers. They were Pacifists and were nice to all, especially the Natives. French Protestants, Mennonites, Amish, and Lutherans from Catholic German also were some of the religions in this colony. This is because Pennsylvania had religious freedom.

This map shows Pennsylvania's mountains and other land features. This land both helped and hurt the farming of Pennsylvania's farming and economy. The mountains blocked the sunlight making it extra cold in the winter.

The men of Pennsylvania did most of the hard labor and farming. The women did the house work and took care of the children. The women also cleaned and sewed.

The tree is found in snow.

Santa is checking his list.

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