OF MICE & MEN BY Amber Lindsey

These images represent George and Lennie's "American Dream" with the large amount of land, the bunnies, and other animals they'd want
This is a great interpretation of the bunkhouse. the first sentence states, "...rectangular building. Inside, the walls were whitewashed and the floor was unpainted".

On page 27, George said, "...I don't like mean little guys".

Candy's dog shows loneliness. He's always laying down and not wagging his tail. Before his death characters even said he seemed useless now that he's all old and crippled.
Curley's wife seems lonely because she always looking for attention for other men and people. She almost bags for it to fill the void in her life.


Created with images by mariagraziamontagnari.net - "Lapo" • bradleygee - "old farm house" • M I T C H Ǝ L L - "Two Hundred and Forty Eight" • Fæ - "Exterior view of Agua Caliente Mission Indian houses on Warner's ranch, 1898-1900 (CHS-547)" • Unsplash - "sheep animals flock" • EcoVirtual - "330/365 - Napping"

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