Smartphones- A great invention By Carla Pujol and Paula Ricart

Many people today don't just have a mobile phone they have smartphone like an iPhone or a Blackberry. But is it a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage is that if you need help you can call with your mobile, for example, if you have an accident you can support immediately. An another advantage is that you can search quickly information, if you have a doubt with your homework you can google it. Also, you can take great pictures with it, for example if you are in a mountain and there are good views, you can take a picture with your phone. And the last one, is you can speak with people that they are very far, for example if your friend goes an exchange you can talk with he or she without difficulties.i

And now the disadvantages, the first one is that you can lose contact with your family, for example, if you are in the living room with your family and you are with the phone, you lose time which you could be talking with them. Another one, is that with smartphones you lose focus and that disadvantage is scientifically proven. Also, if you are very obsessed with it, you spend less time outside and that generates less time with your friends. If you're focused only with your smartphone you can waiste your lifetime.

In conclusion, although is a good new invent, provoques you a lot of waiste of your time, and you have to live your real live!!


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