New Student Tech Orientation with Canvas and iLos Canvas MAGIC, Salisbury University, April 13, 2018

The Problem:

  • New students needed to know about technology services
  • 10-15 minute "Meet ITS" lecture during orientation was information overload

The Solution:

  • Create video overview of ITS Services
  • One video covers BEFORE coming to campus
  • A second video covers AFTER arriving to campus
  • Students are required to take a quiz in Canvas on key content and AUP

The New Dilemma: Are the videos effective? Do they watch?

  • Initially, video was posted on a webpage and that link was emailed to students
  • Quiz scores were typically acceptable
  • No data collected formally or informally on effectiveness of the videos
  • Video takes A LOT more time to prep than 10-15 minute live session

New Approach: Video Data Analytics

Want to know more about ilos?

Danny Lindsey: dannylindsey@ilosvideos.com


Data Shows:

  • Half of the students watch all or most of the video
  • A few students watch more than once

Next Steps:

  • Chunk videos and use playlist so students can watch only what need
  • Track data on full fall class (~400-500 students)
  • Edit videos as needed based on data

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