Evidence Week 25-28 June 2018

The first of its kind, Evidence Week will run from 25th to 28th June 2018 and will bring together MPs, peers, parliamentary services and people from all walks of life across the UK to talk about why evidence matters. We will be highlighting the role of the House of Commons Library and POST and sharing insights into the work of parliamentarians in seeking and scrutinising evidence.

We look forward to a week of lively discussion about how to use and improve research evidence, with a drop-in installation in Upper Waiting Hall, and a collaborative programme of meetings, briefings and training across both Houses.

The week is an initiative of Sense about Science, the House of Commons Library, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology and House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, and is being held in partnership with SAGE Publishing with events and briefings being produced in collaboration with community organisations, research and regulatory bodies including the Royal Statistical Society, Alliance for Useful Evidence, Institute for Government, UCL, CLOSER, Cochrane UK and the Society for Applied Microbiology. Parliamentary pass holders please RSVP here. Member of the public? Get in touch: hello@senseaboutscience.org

Questioning quality

Uncertainty is part of all decisions. Assess the qualities of evidence to determine the weight that can be placed on it.

Community groups and organisations from across the UK will come to parliament to launch Evidence Week and tell MPs and peers why parliament’s scrutiny of evidence on their behalf is vital. Member of the public? Get in touch: hello@senseaboutscience.org

Navigating data analysis and statistics

If a statistic is the answer, what was the question? Determine the reliability and limits of what data and statistics reveal, and use them to get a bigger picture.

Working out what's effective - in health and elsewhere

Does it work? Trouble shoot claims about what is effective and whether it will reach the intended targets. Member of the public? Get in touch: hello@senseaboutscience.org

'Wicked' problems

'Homelessness, air quality, obesity… ‘wicked’ problems are seemingly simple issues with complex causes. Calculate the trade offs of different interventions. Member of the public? Get in touch: hello@senseaboutscience.org

The week builds on a conversation started when 100 people from across the country came to parliament to say why evidence matters.

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