Watching "The Divine: a Play for Sarah Bernhardt Federico roye

The Spatial Experience

As I walked to the Theater I remember being very hungry. We had not seen the sign that said "No food or Drinks allowed in the Theater," so we decided to buy milkshakes. Once we saw the sign, we had to quickly devour the milkshakes within seconds before entering the theater. Walking in, I had a huge brain-freeze. I forgot about it as I looked on the stage and saw the gorgeous scenery and set. I remember seeing the snow falling behind the beautiful stain glass window and the beds lined up along he walls. It was a very nice setup for the play. We had to sit in seats to the farthest left. This meant the show was seen at more of an angle which made it slightly unpleasant than having a nice center seat. We arrived early to get good seats but were not able to pick them, it was quite irksome. As the lights dimmed and the audience grew silent, I felt curious and nervous as to whether or not the play would be good or even worth my time at all. It was a feeling similar to going to the movie theater and waiting for the previews to end. The place can definitely affect your feelings because I have been in much bigger theaters with balconies and it makes one feel much more intimidated.

The Social Experience

Mario Abels, Daniela Pereria and Myself at a production of "The Divine: a Play for Sarah Bernhardt" at the Constans Theater at University of Florida

I attended the performance with my roommate and best friend, Mario, and another friend, Daniela. We left from our house and took two scooters to the Theater. It was somewhat cold and windy, so we were relieved to arrive at the theater. Going with friends really enhances the experience because you can share different opinions about the play and notice things that others did not. After the play we ate burgers at Relish and talked about the play and our opinions about for an hour. The shared experience plays an important role in the Good life because you can't reach the Good Life alone. One person cannot see and observe everything around them, so to truly learn what is happening, you need different points of view.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue of the performance was the struggle of poverty and the tolls it can take on a family or society as a whole. Prior to attending the performance, I did not know much on the subject matter. I recognized that there were many child workers and families struggling to put food on the table but I was not aware of the immensely harsh conditions that they suffered through. The performance showed me a new point of view onto these issues. It showed me the struggles of the real word and how hard people work to feed or educate their children. I relate closely to this situation because, while not as extreme, my parents are working hard to put me and my two younger sisters through good schools so we can be educated and have brighter futures.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for catharsis by allowing us to see what real hardship is like. We learn about the lives of a poor family by seeing their story fold out and because we are sitting twenty feet away from them, it is as if we are right there, experiencing it with them. It is almost as if we also experienced the trauma that the main character and many other young catholic boys have experienced. We come clean or acknowledge that these horrid things occur in the real world by being there and seeing it realistically, not just on a screen or in a book where it is just an idea.

Artwork for the "The Divine: a Play for Sarah Bernhardt" performance at UF. Digital image. UF College of the Arts. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2017.

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