Auto By:omar clark

The auto industry is the most powerful industry and its a way of transportation ,the best way of transportation

Vintage cars , cars that where use decades back that people will never forget and customize to the owners perfection or leaving it as is , some people or owners like to put a better engine for better gas mileage and better horsepower some where even turned into races cars or drag racing cars.

Sports cars high horsepower and torque in a small based two door car which they are use to race , showing off ,and sometimes ever day commute. with its truck like engine but spiced up for high output of power without the tons of weights on truck .

Truck aka S U Vs are the families sports truck or crossover vehicle .They come with a lot of cargo space and a lot of different styles and different engines .

Off-road vehicles has the body frame as a truck but best suspension to handle different ride heights and and off road capabilities that includes new engine base , new tries , and new ride heights like higher suspension.


Created with images by Pexels - "auto autumn benz" • shock264 - "Antique car" • GoToVan - "Vancouver International Auto Show 2014" • truckhardware - "Custom GM SUV Gatorbacks" • landrovermena - "Land Rover Expedition America"

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