Fractured Wave By: andrés Luke

Yellow fever is a disease that is commonly transmitted by mosquitos. The species of mosquito that carries yellow fever is typically found in tropical and subtropical areas. And although the location of the fever is mainly found in warmer places it can be found places that are less humid. This was the case in Philadelphia in the year 1793, where a vicious case of yellow fever struck the city leaving it in a state of insanity, and sickness. The fever is known for its many terrible side effects in people it can cause chills, nausea, bleeding, kidney problems, yellow tinted skin, and much more. all this alone is awful, but something that is truly terrifying to think about is that this is only one of many plagues, there are literally millions of others that we know of, and even more that we do not know of. and they all have two thing in common they bring madness, and death
There have been various and sever outbreaks of yellow fever, and other plagues throughout the course of history which range from the recent like in brazil with yellow fever, Africa with Ebola,The Bahamas with Zika, and Measles in Romania or going back in time the Black Death, the Influenza Pandemic in 1918, The Plague of Athens, and of course Yellow Fever. Yellow Fever is a Pandemic that has struck repitadly and mercilessly and although this is the case for most of the plagues the cause epidemics, none of these are more deceptive than Yellow fever. Because a majority of plagues are transmitted from person too person, or through a tainted food or water supply, but Yellow Fever is transmitted through mosquitos which left people back in history with a great feeling confusion and terror, when facing an outbreak of the plague. In fact back the year 1793 an outbreak of the fever in Phillidelphia lead to sever panic and confusion from its people, and because they did not know how to protect themselves from the fever, the sickness was able to claim over 4000 lives of Philadelphia's inhabitants, and countless other lives were lost because of the shier chaos the sickness brought.
In class, we have been reading a novel specifically focusing on the epidemic of yellow fever in 1793, that is bluntly named Fever 1793. The novel is about a14 year old girl named Maddie and her family dealling with the effects of the fever in a time in place it was least expected. the deal with the physical effect of the sickness, but also the mental trama, and colapse of society it brings. it also coantain's an effective but not quite accurate description of the relationship between Black, and White people during the time. over all the book gives an important incite into how earth shaking events like the fever rocked society back then, and describes a first hand perspective of what it is like to be in the midst of an epidemic, that holds truth in current times.
Some of the more common, and emotionally potent epidemics that we experience today are not plagues but socio economic issues, the weath disdribution in our country, opression of a certain group of people either because of their race or ethnicity, and of course crime. one of the more relevant epidemics out of the ones that i have listed is the crime epidemic going on in the south side of chicago, whoch shows all the trait of a true epidemic (specificily Yellow Fever). the crime spike in chicgao is large and is not something that a person could trace back to to one thing or one action by one group, or government offical, but rather a collective of diffrent things that all merge togther to create mess of crime, and its unexplained spreading has no single clear reason.


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