The Cell Cycle Thomas donnelly

Interphase is when the cell is preparing itself to be divided. During this time different parts of the cell are grouped into different places in the cell.
During prophase, the chromatin become visable as the nucleolus disappears. The centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell as spindle fibers cross the cell connecting them.
During metaphase the chromosomes line across the middle of the cell, also known as the metaphase plate. The chromosomes are connected to each end of the cell by the spindle fibers. This step is to make sure each new cell gets the right amount of new chromosomes.
The chromosomes along the metaphase plate are now pulled apart and separated during Anaphase. The spindle fibers retract them to each side of the cell.
The spindle fibers have moved the daughter chromatids to the ends of the cells so now the new nucleus can form around the chromatids.

Cancer is nothing to joke about, yet most people aren't sure what it is. They will tell you it is a disease but they can't tell you what is going on inside of the body. Basically what is happening is people's cells divide so rapidly that if there was a cancer cell in there the body wouldn't know until later. This is what happens, a cancer cell is divided very rapidly and the cancer cells make a tumor.

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