Bull Shark Brianna Fleischmann and Emma Cousler

humans worst nigtmare

interesting behaviors

It will eat almost anything in it's path. Some have been known to have license plates, tires, and other sharks in their stomachs.

Can tolerate both saltwater and freshwater. Bull sharks have been known to swim upstream, which is out of character for most sharks.

Bull sharks adjust well to life in an aquarium, and are often demanded by aquariums.

Bull sharks often live in non-salty oceans that their metabolisms adjust to the missing salt.

Bull sharks often dwell in shallow, murky waters. They can be found very close inland.

The tips of the fins are black, but this coloring disappears as they grow older. This helps fisherman and scientists to know the age of the sharks.

The PIT BULL of the sea

Human interactions

Bull sharks are one of the more threatening sharks to humans. Since they dwell in warm, tropical waters, and sometimes even fresh water, they come closer to beach goers than most other sharks. However, humans pose just as large, if not a bigger threat to these sharks. They are frequently fished and tangled in nets since they swim so close to the shore. Their skin is often used as leather, and in many areas of the world, they are eaten.

Here are some examples of bull shark and human interactions, as well as a setting in which an interaction might occur.
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Brianna Fleischmann


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