Canbury School Newsletter 6th December 2019. issue 178

Dear Parents and Visitors

It's a been a busy week - and that has to be the understatement of the year! As you will ALL know, we had the Independent Schools Inspectorate in as part of the programme of regular inspections required by the Department for Education. Stand out hero of the week was Felix P who spent almost as much time with the inspectors as I did! Well done to my original Mr 7.31am - I am so proud of the confident young man you have become. See below for further details. We await the report's findings and will bring you news of it just as soon as we hear. It's likely the draft document will drop into my inbox on Christmas Eve, when I will then have four working days in which to turn around our response. It's going to be a VERY busy Christmas! Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone, who got on with this week as they should - as if it was just another ordinary week at Canbury. Let's see if we managed to do ourselves proud - I'm sure we have.

One of the highlights of Christmas at Canbury is our annual trip to get the Christmas tree. Year 7 and I piled into the minibus and took a spin to Richmond Park, where I think you'll agree the tree we chose is a cracker. Once back at school, Mrs Rich took over, making sure the tree has a classy theme, rather than a tat one!

Christmas is coming!

We say a sad farewell and thank you to Mrs Milbank who leaves us next Friday after a wonderful year covering the maternity leave of Mrs Freeman. Mrs Freeman returns to us this Monday before swanning off for the Christmas holidays on Friday. I can't keep up.

Next week, the final one before we break up, is extra busy. I've listed below the timetable, which you may find helpful. Please remind your child that their locker has to be empty by Friday. NOTHING may be left over Christmas. My advice is that they start emptying them out on Monday and do it gradually. Believe me, you don't want your child lugging a bulging black plastic bag out of the building at midday on Friday, wondering how they will get it onto the bus. I've seen it happen!

Monday 9th Dec - Ice Skating/Maze at Hampton Court.

Tues 10th Dec - normal lessons.

Weds 11th Dec - normal lessons before and after the Student Christmas Lunch.

Thursday 12th Dec - Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea Yrs 7/8/9 involved. Please do remember we are on the look out for festive gifts for our visitors. Non perishable (or very long shelf-life) gifts, for men and women would be greatly appreciated. If you would kindly wrap and indicate which gender they are for, that would be so kind. Thank you.

Friday 13th December MUFTI and CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY. Please bring £2 for Save the Children. We will have House fun and games followed by our Christmas Assembly starting at 11am to which all parents and friends of Canbury School are very welcome to attend.

Detailed timetable as follows:

8.10 Registration

8.15 to 9.15 - Form Parties and locker tidying on a rota system.

20 mins break time

9.35 to 10.35 - House Christmas Activities (Guess who and conundrums, wacky races and festive games), Christmas jumpers judging and staff Christmas song.

10.35 to 10.55 - House Quiz

11.00am - Christmas Assembly

Review of the term - Head Boy and Head Girl

11.00am - Welcome - Ms Clancy

Review of the term - Head Boy and Head Girl

House Christmas Activity winners

Awards/prizes/certificates for students

Songs from the MAD Festival.

House totals and winners for this term

Staff Christmas Song

12.00pm - Merry Christmas and Goodbye

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

All of year 7 for their positivity in Mathematics and the way they have enthusiastically embraced writing algebraic expressions.

Year 8

Anders, Flora, Zac, Ross, Carl and Adam for their dedication and hard work in Mathematics this week.

Adam and Zac for excellent results in their Spanish assessment.

Kyrell for running his heart out for the KS3 football team.

Carl for some mazy dribbles during our football match against St Philips.

Year 9

Matthew and Otti for their excellent results in their Spanish assessment

Harry L for an excellent goalkeeping display for the football team

Kiran for scoring a hat- trick for the A team against St Philips

Otti for scoring another goal in our game against St Philips

Alannah, Otti and Emilia for their mature approach to Mathematics this week.

Year 10

Writes Mrs Littler: "Harry B for giving me a lovely start to my working day Thursday period 2 with his rendition of ‘Singing in the rain.’ "

Year 11

Good focus in Spanish from Alex and Emily. Well done!

Pascal, Alex, Emily, Joe and Rosie for challenging themselves in Mathematics this week.

Looked who dropped in last week.....last year's Head Boy Faysal popped in to collect his GCSE artwork. We always love to see our past students and hear how they are getting on. He looked VERY smart!

Sports timetable for this last week - don't forget Oyster cards.

KS4/5: Wednesday afternoon - Interhouse table tennis at the Graham Spicer Institute.

KS3: SSSSA Badminton at Guildford Spectrum or a walk in Richmond Park.


Football roundup.

This week saw the last football fixtures of 2019 for our KS3 & 4 teams.

Writes Mr Sutton: "KS3 had a friendly fixture against St Philips on Thursday afternoon. All in all it was much better performance from both teams after last week, with our As playing out a dramatic 4-4 draw and our Bs narrowly losing 3-2 on aggregate. Special mentions go to Lauren for stepping up to the A team, Lucas and Kiran for linking up extremely well, Kyrell for running tirelessly and scoring a fantastic goal and Shaaiyon for being rock solid at the back. I’m really excited to see the progress the team makes when we play football in Games after Christmas. Also thanks to Mr Temple for being A team coach and Miss Knivett for being squad photographer.

Goal! And team talk.

Also on Thursday KS4/5 played Chessington School. The A team played well in defence and created good chances up front in attack. In a high scoring affair they lost 6-3 to their opponents. The B team played a very strong Chessington B squad and created some strong chances. Both keepers were tested, but ultimately Canbury were beaten. As always many thanks to Mr McGregor."

It wasn't to be for Canbury B on Thursday.......

Bravo to Fabulous Felix

Felix had his final BTEC L3 Presentation on Innovation and Enterprise in Business Studies this week. He knew he would be presenting to Mrs Hurrell and Mrs Branney. So far so good. But then at the last moment, one of our visiting Schools Inspectors decided to join the party. He did give Felix the opportunity to ask him not to stay, but our stalwart Sixth Former was having none of it, and gamely got on with the job in hand. Mrs Hurrell was OVER THE MOON at Felix's resilience and bravado. Mrs Branney was equally impressed and Ms Clancy gave him a huge hug!

Felix’s take home message? "Expect the unexpected and be brave." Wise words for all of us young man.

Anyone for tea?

On Monday, we experienced our first Social Skills Christmas Coffee Morning run by five students from KS4, supported by Ms Jones, our Speech and Language Therapist. Several teachers and support staff gave up their free time to help the students practise their conversation skills, which included starting and ending conversations and asking a range of Christmas-themed questions. Staff were rewarded with food and drink and asked for their feedback afterwards.

A great way to start the week.

All of the students received really positive and encouraging comments. One member of staff said “They all did a brilliant job and it was lovely to have a chat with everyone”; another commented on the thoughtful questions she was asked by one student - she said “He was confident and relaxed and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say”. We are looking forward to their next event!

House News

Emilia and Lauren - 15hp Blue Star

Lauren - 20hps Green Star

Connor and Jess - 45hps Purple Star

Oli, Chloe and Freddie - 75hps Silver Star

Otti - 250hps Gold/Red Achiever Award

Our Christmas wreath making House Event was a very arty affair. The wreaths are now adorning the House Board in the ground floor corridor and giving a very festive air to that part of the building. Congratulations to Angus, 1st, Zac for 2nd place and joint 3rd to Chloe and Matthew A

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Calling all gingerbread man lovers. There will be gingerbread decorating on Thursday, lessons 1&2. You MUST put your name down for this event by Wednesday 11th lunchtime. The gingerbread will then be offered to our senior citizens who will be joining us for tea on Thursday afternoon.

Movie maker Lucas walks the red carpet in Leicester Square

Year 9 student Lucas was forgiven for being a little bleary-eyed this week. He and fellow members of his weekend Performing Arts Academy attended a glittering event at The Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, Central London. Their project, a three minute film called "Left Behind" was picked from more than 300 to be shown along with 20 others at the cinema. The film follows a frantic dad who can't get to his daughter during a zombie attack. Lucas and his group came up with the concept and our man stared as a zombie, with, apparently, most realistic makeup!

Is anyone missing any kit?

If your son has lost some of his uniform or sports kit, suggest they take a look in the boys' changing room. Ms Clancy was appalled to find so much abandoned clothing strewn across the floor. All unclaimed property will be disposed of on the last day of term. Those Christmas vouchers your child receives will come in very useful in helping replace their lost items!

Meet the member of staff

This week you get two for the price of one! When (nearly) all of the Canbury staff have gone home, two lovely people quietly arrive and put the place back together again ahead of the next day. Brother and sister double act Dino and Patricia Fernandes have seen it all at Canbury - and how funny that both Ms Clancy and they despair of the amount of kit left in the changing rooms! Read on for some great life tips, to find out Dino's interesting choice of who would play him in a film and what their favourite go to healthy snack is when energy levels are running low at the end of another busy day.

Dino and Patricia: you'll never find them watching Big Brother or Eastenders, and please.......pick up your kit from the changing room floors!

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Have respect and gratitude (respect for what is not ours and thankful for what we have).

Where are you originally from and what brought you to the UK?

We come from Madeira in Portugal and came to the UK looking for a better quality of life.

What does a typical day look like?

Full of energy and positivity.

How do you relax after a hard week at work?

At home spending quality time with family

On a scale of 1 to 10, where one is low and 10 is off the ceiling, how messy is Canbury at the end of the day when you arrive to sort us out?

One for sure!

What's the most annoying thing about working at Canbury?

The changing rooms because the students' personal belongings are all over the floor and we can’t touch them.

What piece of advice would you give your 14 year old selves?

Dino: "If you believe in yourself anything is possible." Patricia: "Work hard and be kind."

What TV show or movie would you refuse to watch?

Patricia - Eastenders.

Dino - Big Brother.

In a film, who would play you?

Dino - Jerry Lewis.

Patricia - Jennifer Lawrence.

Share with us a favourite end of the day healthy snack.