MFEE Remote Learning Community Think Update Community Conversations turned into Community Action

August 25 and 27, 2020

Over 200 people attended Think Sessions & provided input

Your input shaped action!

You helped identify the following priorities for MFEE:

Support Montclair teachers as they work to create meaningful and effective learning environments

Provide support to students and families who need it most

Create opportunities for parents and guardians to connect with each other

Connect community by matching volunteers with areas of need

What programs has MFEE launched in response?

MFEE PEEPs (Peer-led Education Engagement Program) matches MHS students to middle schoolers who need academic support and connection.

We launched this program in the Spring, and we’re expanding it to reach even more students.

Over 40 Montclair High School students answered the call to serve as PEEP Leaders!

MFEE gathers PEEPs and their leaders for two weekly virtual hangouts and PEEP leaders connect to their PEEPs throughout the week. MFEE provides ongoing support to PEEP leaders. Interested or want to learn more? Contact peeps@mfee.org.

Know a middle schooler who could use some support? Register at: https://bit.ly/MFEE_PEEPs or https://bit.ly/PEEPsEspanol

MFEE is excited to provide significant funding to the district to support remote learning and equity this year.

The MFEE Board has allocated:

  • $50,000 to support Montclair Public School staff members with grants for ideas to boost remote learning additional
  • $20,000 to the district to purchase vital technology like additional laptops, districtwide licensing for software/applications, Internet Essentials for families in need and more
  • $150,000 in equity grants to address issues of race and equity in all 11 public schools

Thanks to YOU, MFEE is providing over $200,000 to directly support all of our teachers and kids.

"I so appreciate receiving the grant funds, but I feel even more grateful for MFEE’s intention to support us with remote learning. Many of us try so hard to to find something to grab the attention of our young learners and will often spend what we need to do it. Thank you for helping us do what we do!! MFEE was definitely a bright light in a not-so-bright time!" - 2020 Grant Recipient

The pandemic has taken a toll on parents and caregivers. We worry about our kids, about their futures, about our futures, and we are - simply put - stressed and exhausted. All. The. Time. But while we are all feeling isolated, we aren’t going through this by ourselves, and we shouldn’t go through this alone.

Introducing Healing Huddles

1-hour conversations, over a 6-week period, with 5-6 other parents and caregivers

Parents and caregivers share stories, gain some connection with parents, and learn tools and strategies to manage today’s challenges

Groups are led by parents trained to provide just-enough structure and support to the conversations

Groups can be formed around shared affinities or challenges

Think of it like urgent care for the soul. One hour a week to be in a place where you are heard, understood, and take away something that may help. Groups are starting January 4th. Contact dory@mfee.org or sign up below to learn more.

We are excited to announce that the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation (MNDC) has opened the first Montclair Community Enrichment Center at the Wally Choice Community Center.

MFEE is proud to provide planning, programmatic, and technical support.

The MCEC is intended to support students who are participating in remote learning and also qualify for free or reduced lunch. At the Center approximately 50 students, K-8th, participate in their required remote learning, have time to complete homework, and take part in enrichment activities. In addition, students receive free lunch and snacks. Students are supervised by staff who have experience working with children and have been trained in the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Public funding for this program supports families who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Because of this funding and private support, this program is available at no direct cost to families.

MFEE is looking for community partners and volunteers to boost enrichment activities at the Center! Please reach out to dory@mfee.org with ideas and contributions.

Their world has changed dramatically.

Our children face new challenges in an uncertain landscape.

And still, they shine.

Because you give them the tools & schools they need to thrive - not just survive.

You fund innovative teaching resources. For them.

You fuel rich learning experiences. For them.

You fund vital technology and the know-how for navigating it. For them.

You deepen racial literacy and a richer understanding of equity. For them.

You nurture their emotional and mental health. For them.

You do this for them.

Because they will make the world better for us.