Still Waters Ash Parsons

Authors Bio

Ash Parsons has been involved in child and youth advocacy since she was in college. Here lately she has taught English to middle- and high-school students in Alabama.Being a teacher she saw some students struggle with some extremely hard problems and it helped inspire her to write this book.Now she teaches creative writing for Troy University's ACCESS program. She still lives in Alabama with her family. "Still Waters" is her first novel.

Genre, Setting,Theme

The book is a realistic fiction taken place in several different places such as High school, in MIchaels car and at Jason's house. The theme of the book is don't agree to do something you know nothing about.


A young boy by the name of Jason goes to a normal highschool but has a record of fighting. He's lived a rough life being abused at home by his father. His mom died a few years ago so it didn't help him or his little sister Janie. He was all she had. Jason Meets a popular guy named Michael in school, he had alot of money. Michael offered him a job but wouldn't say what it was he just told him to hang out with them and he'd pay them. One day the boys aren't in their normal spot and when Jason finds them they're beat up because they owe a older man money and can't pay him. Michael needs Jason and his dad to make sure nothing happens to them and help get the money.


Going home to an abusive dad and a young caring sister named Janie, Jason wants out of the life he's in. He's known to be the kind to fight anyone that treats him or anyone else bad. Everyone comes to him because he rarely loses ay fights.

MIchael, his girlfriend Cyndra, and the rest of his friends come along at the right time with the right thing Jason needs at the time which was money to move away with and then come back and get Janie. Little did he know that there was a catch to being in the group.

Primary Conflict

There's many conflicts in this book. Jason's dad abuses him when he's drunk. Michael has got Jason into a conflict with a guy he doesn't know and he wants to bring Jason's dad into. Of course he took advantage of Michael being a good fighter and that's why he wanted him to be in their group.


On page 24 Jason whispers to himself, "Keep your head down and powder dry. Live to fight another day." It was a quote his sister Janie told him when he got back from Juvie he liked living to fight another day because that's all he knew how to do was fight.

On page 308 Jason says, " Scars prove that you're still here. That you can move on." He had gotten into trouble and nearly died because of MIchael but when he came back the memories and everything were still there, the scars he had from almost being killed were still there, but he still made himself move on even though he lost friends.


Leverage- use something to maximum advantage.

Stifle- restrain or stop oneself acting on an emotion.

Peripheral vision- side vision.

Hoisting- raise or haul up.

Dominated- have a commanding influence on.

Book Evaluation

I would recommend this book to anyone who is into realistic events. Still Waters is one of my favorites now. I rarely ever read but this one made me want to read more. I enjoyed it alot.


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