The Smol Fich That Could If a smol fish breaths underwater, will it drown on land?

He knew he could!

He looked up towards the surface everyday.

He thought beyond the surface was a magical place where all fish were safe from harm.

But he knew he could not go beyond that surface, for he knew he would surely drown.

It was known that fish do not belong above the surface, but he felt there was something better beyond that surface.

One day he decided to swim up as close as he could to the surface. Right as he was about to reach the barrier between the unknown land and his home, he hesitated.

Then he lunged forward through the barrier and saw what was paradise. He swam with his head held high above the water.

He swam and he swam, then soon the floor of his home started to merge with the surface. He had never come this far, but he was not going back now.

The smol fich now was on land, pure land. He was so happy he could cry. All his hopes and dreams were finally coming true. As he basked in the glory of the Sun he closed his eyes, losing the ability to breath. He let a tear shed from his eyes for the first time. He had produced water of his own for the first, and the last time.

The End

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Created with images by madsflash - "Nik" • Jay Tamboli - "Fish" • david_shane - "Axolotl" • nathanmac87 - "Fish" • scazon - "Axolotl" • tkcrash123 - "Fish" • Mike Licht, - "Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)" • Muffet - "fish"

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