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Christianity: believes in Christ

Jesus Christ was born about 4 B.C. then founded his religion during his 30s which is when it describes his miracles. This would put his teachings around 26 A.D. Jesus's occupation was a carpenter through his young adult years. Jesus was only loved by his followers but everybody else despised him throughout his life. Which created a diverse liking of Jesus at the time. Jesus was disliked because he refused regular tradition that was not part of Gods work. Jesus also called everyone sinners that needed to repent.

After Jesus died by crucifixion because the people despised him. Paul took over the religion and spread it across the Middle East.

The main person was Paul. He had a birthright to the Romans. Followed Christ and then spread his own in his 30's as well. Paul originally triggered the ideology about having faith in Christ is more important than living according to Jewish Law. Paul focused on the work of the Gentiles instead of the Jew he really grew the church after Jesus died.

These are the places Paul went with the religion.

The Split between the Catholic and Protestant Religions (reformation)

You would have to pay the catholic church for indulgences to become clean and didn’t like that these acts where unlimited. The church was becoming to worldly with how many divorces they were giving out and they were getting to greedy. The church was more for the business than actually helping people. The only people to get blessings is if they bid the highest. The Catholics didn’t believe in doing good to help you out for the afterlife they believe that donating to their church will help family members reach heaven.

Martin Luther: a man of religion and of lawyer.

Martin Luther was born in Nov. 10 1483 at Eisleben Germany. When Luther was a professor and a priest. The words in his thesis says a new way to repent and who does will have complete salvation. Raised as a peasant Martin Luther still had a great career as a miner and ore smelter. He continued school when he got a masters in Arts and was on his way to being a lawyer when a storm his and promised to work for God if he lived. Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to be discussion points but instead acted as a critique. The catholic church wasn’t pleased at all and wanted to stop the rebellion. The pope demanded that Luther should take his 95 thesis back. Luther denied unless the scriptures told him otherwise. Later that meeting Luther was excommunicated.

Differences between Catholic and Protestant

Catholic 1.Need services and bible for salvation 2. Pope is substitute for Christ 3.only leaders can interpret bible and other things like baptism 5.we will be in a middle stage where we pay for everything we are not clean of after death

Protestant is good enough for your salvation 2. authority comes from word of God3.everyone can interpret the alone will save you5.after death you will go straight to heaven in the presence of the lord

Council of Trent

The council of Trent made under the act of Paul the lll. It lasted 18 years it really dealt with the problems at hand and only try to go again the word of Lutheranism. The roman inquisition had a greater affect in protestant areas than similar bodies. This order was to directly counter heresy. This did well in political and military to slow the growth of Protestantism. During the Roman Empire Princes were forced to choose if Catholicism or Protestantism was allowed in their cities. All free cities were forced to let both in. This was only a temporary solution though

Today's facts about Christianity

• 2.2 billion people are following the Christian religion today in the world.

• This is about 32% of current people in the world. This number is dropping.

• The reason why it is dropping is the access to social media where anyone’s views can be heard. The people are also tired of the religious group always telling them what to do or not do.


Muhammad was the creator of Islam religion when he was 40 years old. He created the religion in 610 when he had a revelation in a cave when he saw the angel Gabriel. Before Muhammad became the prophet he was an incredible merchant. People planned to assassinate him because they wanted to preserve its pagan religion Muhammad then died at age 63 from a fever. Abu Bakr was the successor for the Islam religion for two years before his death. Abu was Muhammad’s father in law and lifelong friend.

Reasons for split in Islam

First was power and lineage of the prophet Shia thought it should be blood lineage and Sunni thought that, that was irrelevant. This led to more bickering in politics. Battles were fought to kill/ protect the blood lineage to prevent a rebellion. Shiites were saying religion should be separate from politics. Shiites developed more of a hierarchy then the Sunni

Leader Titles

• Sunnis leaders are called Grand Mufti

• Shiites mostly reserve imam to describe the twelve disciples of Muhamad

Core Beliefs

1. Faith in the absolute unity of God

2. Asserts the belief that angel was of God

3. Belief in the prophets

4. Belief in the scriptures

5. Belief in the final judgement

Islam spreads

1. Through trade and commerce

2. Through fighting

Current Islam Numbers

Muslims are at 1.6 billion followers. Islam is a growing religion it is one of the fastest growing religions


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