Leopard Shark Steven guan

The leopard sharks name comes from the Black saddle like patterns and large spots on its back
  • Leopard sharks tend to stay in specific areas rather than move around like other sharks.
  • Leopard sharks are harmless, they have been caught for commercials and recreational fisheries for food and aquarium trade.
  • Female sharks give birth to as many as 37 babies.
The lower lobe of the Caudal fin is less than half the length of the upper lobe
  • The unique patterns of the black saddles and spots are more visible on the adults than the juveniles.
  • The leopard sharks teeth are arranged into a flat, "Pavement" like surface with overlapping ridges.
  • Leopard sharks often follow tides onto intertidal mudflats for food.
An adult Leopard shark

When identifying sharks, the leopard is easy to spot.

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