Archeology Meeting | Dig


Guest Speaker: Nigel Rudolph

Crystal River SitE


  • musical instruments such as copper pan flutes
  • copper breast plates
  • ear spools
  • burial sites

CB Moore

  • Did amazing artifact drawings
  • Rating burial moun and lagoons

Ridley Bullen

  • Dud out of the burial mounds and basically destroyed them

1950's to 1960's

  • Owners bulldozed 2/3 of mound A to build a trailer park


  • Storm swept through and destroyed the trailer park


Mound H

  • 15 ft tall
  • Only mound that is shaped like that in the US
  • Excavated by Bullen
  • Oyster shell and sand were used for support for structures

Mound G

  • Small
  • 5ft tall
  • Made of sand
  • Built at the same time as the burial complex

Stele at crystal river

  • A large carved chinch of limestone
  • Only has one carving
  • Sitting on bed of cottage stones
  • Detereating quickly
  • Lichen was there and protecting it at first

What's next

  • New interpretative signage
  • All base on imagery coming from the mural





  • Dr.Butler
  • Mr.Davis
  • Ms.Anita
  • Gabbie
  • Josue
  • Hilary
  • Siyona
  • Sam
  • Isaac
  • Misty
  • Ashley


This month we got to dig and sift through part of the new unit. We set a record for number of flakes at this high of a level. I helped with the screening and labeling of the artifact bags. It was different because I had never labeled bags or catagorized sand before. All in all it was a very eventful day.

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