SAR's Dr. Gann's Cinco de Mayo Races 10K, 5K, FitKidz, Sombrero, Etc.

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This event is perhaps the most "Tucson" of all local running events. EVERYONE comes out and has a great time enjoying the Cinco de Mayo weekend.
But especially the kids because there are so many fun events for them.

Here is a small sampling of photos from prior year's races to give you a feel for the event. There is some deserved emphasis on the post run burritos and Eegees.

Paul can appreciate a burrito or three!

Just like everyone else!

Ahh, such practical awards!

Title sponsor and runner himself - Dr. Gann's Diet of Hope

Cool flying giveaways!

Did I mention Eegee's?

It's a downhill course, (after the uphill). Still, there's lots of energy all about to absorb.

I recommend NOT jumping, but I can understand if you just can't help yourself.

Just hang on to your hat!

Oh yeah, the races. Apart from the FitKidz mile, the adult races offer 10K and 5K options. Both are very well attended for good reason. In fact, Cinco is a big deal, with lots of crowd energy/momentum. You won't be lonely and you'll have plenty of support and/or commiseration, as needed.

Like so many others on this day, Perhaps you'll earn a ring of the famous SAR PR bell!

Big fun!

Bigger fun!

Most fun!

Though the sombrero races can get pretty wild!

And there's a piƱata,...

A Team Competition (bring your running clan) and, of course, the talented Cholla HS Mariachis!

Until next year, it's time to try out those glasses with some lime Eegees. I wonder what that would be good with. Hmmm...

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