Innovative Specialist Making my future the future of business

Innovative Specialist (IS)

  • Forward thinker of the company.
  • Keep up with current trends in technology, fashion, community, and industry.
  • Use the current trends in an innovative way readily applicable to any company.
  • Respond to fast-pace society changes = the need to have a person specifically watching industry changes.
  • Drive a company's success by leading its industry with new ideas and designs.
  • Maintain up-to-date company finances for future investments.
  • Informed on the company's target market in order to prevent wasteful spending.

Defining Qualities of an IS

  • Continuous Learner
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Drive and Determination

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Skills & Defining Qualities

1. Forward Thinker - Ability to predict future shifts based off past trends and use existing ideas to spur new success platforms; use current trends in an innovative way readily applicable to daily life.

2. Professional Poise - Comfortable when integrated in the business world and able to confidently express my ideas. I am a continuous learner and am continuously improving my skills.

3. Leadership - Well-respected by others because of my drive and determination in pressure situations.

4. Unconventional Ideas - Make my company different by setting it apart not just nationally but globally in the world of business.

5. Embrace Challenges - Thirst for knowledge in new areas and ability to go into unfamiliar situations despite potential adverse effects; I enjoy the feeling of putting a fear behind me.

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Innovative Specialist Specifics

Salary: Currently make between $40-95k per year depending on the size of the company.

Education: Most company's require a Master's Degree in Business Management and Administration along with minors in Marketing, Sociology, Consumer Behavior, or Organizational Leadership. Typically takes about 5-6 years.

Other Skills:

  • Strategy Development – proposition development, vision articulation, strategic planning, communication development and stakeholder engagement
  • Business Development – examining new market opportunities, acquisitions, service and product development
  • Workplace Development – measure and manage the impacts of workplace change on an organization's intangible assets

Outlook: Based on the trend of large businesses hiring people who will specifically devote their time to push the company forward, an Innovative Specialist--along side the trend of emerging corporations--the career opportunities are currently predicted to grow 6 percent annually. Right now there are currently about 8,000 people employed as Innovative Specialists (sometimes referred to as Company Engineers) in the U.S.

Obstacles: Few companies hiring and the ones who are seeking an innovative specialist are very competitive.






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