Anti-State War Machine By Kriegs Legion

Anti-State War Machine

2015 | Punk

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“Unleashed on the pimps who bought and sold us our own blood, thought they owned us. -- Unleashed on the pimps who bought and sold us. -- Anti-State War Machine."


  • Kreigs Legion formed as a punk & thrash super-group in Detroit in 2013.
  • Band member pedigrees have included: Gore, Pub Life, The Rogues, Hillside Stranglers, Son of Sam, Liberty 37, and more.
  • The band has released music on Streetrock Records and Greyzone records.


Luke Tatum

"Thiefdom" may just be my new favorite term. Not that it's a real word, mind you, but rather a clever play on "fiefdom" for the purposes of the song. This song is aggressive, angry, and ready for action. So the "anti-state war machine" is that of a rebellion, and things may be getting to that point in this country. It's a scary thought, to be sure. But there are certainly people who think that they own us, and there are certainly people who are sick and tired of that arrangement. It's a recipe for disaster.

Sherry Voluntary

If this song were written today, it might have been called "Ode To The Boogaloo." There's no doubt that the political elite under the guise of The State have pimped us and claimed ownership over us and there may come a time when they have to answer in a more physical way for their crimes against humanity. I wish they could be gotten through to some other way, but the powerful very rarely give up that power on their own.

Nicky P

Luke nails it. The most amusing part of this song is the word "thiefdoms." It goes so well with the imagery of the government as pimps prostituting us out to be destroyed. The song is gore-porn fantasy of revenge on the government. I both enjoy and simultaneously dislike that I can't tell which side of the anarchy divide the writer falls on. I want to know I have a kindred spirit in the writer but maybe they see the issues without including the economic part. I suppose a black flag with no gold is fine as well, I just know i have less in common. That black flag with red though. That might be a bridge too far for me tho.

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Nicky P