Ancient African Kingdoms hannah whitworth


Map of Ghana
Flag of Ghana
  • tropical climate and dry in ares
  • has plains and savannas
  • Muslim and Christian religion
  • triangle trade
  • gold, ivory, and slaves are traded for salt, horses, cloth, swords, and books
  • they trade between the Arabs, North Africans, and Europeans
  • their most famous capital is Kumbi
  • the last ruler of Ghana was Tuhka Manin 1062 to 1076 CE
  • they spoke Soninke and Mande
  • trade helped spread their religion
  • Nana Akufu-Addo is the president currently


Map of Mali
Flag of Mali
  • climate in the North is hot and dry, but in the south its subtropical
  • 24 degrees and 32 degrees
  • their main religion is Islam
  • slavery was important with the Arab slave trade across the Sahara; eventually used to fall of Mali
  • the traded gold from the Sahara desert and to the North African Coast
  • the traveled by caravans on camels
  • Western Africa established around 1235CE
  • the began to lose power in the 1400s and fell in the 1600s
  • they were all the Mande people and they all spoke the same language
  • the president is Ibrahim Boubacar Keita


Map of Songhai
Flag of Songhai
  • rainforest, Niger river, Sahara desert, and the grasses of the savanna were their landforms
  • the main religion is Islam
  • Songhai trusted their slaves not to overthrow there rulers
  • they traded with people all across the Shara desert
  • they exchanged mainly of gold and salt (like most empires)
  • trade was vital for the economic and political stability of Songhai
  • they rebelled in the 1400s
  • expansion led by Sunni Ali
  • Muhammad Ture led rebellion
  • the had West African beliefs
  • their main language was Songhay
  • they live in large families
  • schools were not important


Map of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe
  • they have a tropical climate
  • Manfungabusa plateau with the average elevation is 4,500 ft
  • Zimbabwe has a monotheistic religion
  • all prayers went to Mwari
  • there was no information about slavery in Zimbabwe
  • this economy was based on cattle husbandry, crop cultivation, and the trade of gold on the coast of the Indian Ocean
  • Zimbabwe means "stone houses" and was abandoned in the 15th century
  • houses were built by the peasants for the kings
  • all the wealthy lived in large stone houses; the poor lived in mud huts
  • president currently is Robert Mugabe
  • the capital of Zimbabwe is Harare
  • they use American dollars as well as Euro

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Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A new, plaine, & exact mapp of Africa described by N.I. Visscher and done into English, enlarged and corrected, according to I. Blaeu, with the habits of the countries and manner of the cheife citties, the like never before" • lapping - "ghana west africa africa" • bagaball - "Ghana" • TREEAID - "Gnanilo women learn how to make their trees work" • dweekly - "Grand Mosque of Kairouan" • Ninara - "4Y1A1394 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe" • cocoparisienne - "flower meadow summer flowers flowers"

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