The first Minnesota Infantry By kAylen Bunck and RachEl A-K

Minnesota became a state in 1858. They fought in the early Civil War Battles: Bull Run and Battle of Balls Bluff. The most important battle they fought in was Gettysburg. The first Minnesota volunteers raised the first body of troops by state for civil war service. Their Governor was Alexander Ramsey. He served as a whig and republican over a variety of offices between 1840-1880.

The first Minnesota volunteer men were farmers and not soldiers. These first Minnesota volunteers performed most of the critical actions of battle of Gettysburg. Alexander Ramsey, the governor made his troops of 1,000 men for National service on April 14, 1861, the day after surrender of Fort Sumter.

The first Minnesota battle fought the confederate at close range over 300 yards of open ground near the Cemetry ridge. The first Minnesota fought in First Bull Run, which is the first major battle of Civil War.

Minnesota regiment is best known for the dramatic charge in battle of Gettysburg. The Minnesota infantry mustered for a three-year term in the union army. The volunteers debated whether patriotism could be kept alive, once the need to sacrifice for freedom had passed.

Minnesota Regiment is best known for the dramatic charge in battle of Gettysburg. In 1863 regiments received training. They participated in the major campaign of the army of Potomac. In February 1864 First Minnesota headed home serving 16 officers and 309 enlisted men returning as heroes.

In Minnesota, there are 3 monuments to honor the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.

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