Combating Adolescent Maternal Mortality in Cambodia Through Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Education: Project Senmonorom MYA HARRIS, ROXY ACKERMAN, LELANDRA RANDLE | INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON WOMEN

Why Senmonorom?

A village market in Senmonorom, Cambodia

Cultural and societal implications - How do they affect the quality of healthcare for women? For men?

Adolescent population: adolescent pregnancy, STIs/STDs, maternal mortality

  • In Senmonorom, 24.8% of the population is aged between 10-19
  • The rate of adolescent marriage has raised from 25.8% to 38.7% since 2014
Approximately 93% of women aged 15-19 have been pregnant at one point. What does this say about education regarding safe sexual and reproductive health practices in the region?
  • 41.2% of the target population knew what condoms were
  • 19.1% of the target population knew about birth control pills

The Education System in Senmonorom

Rates of education: Girls vs. Boys

Dropout rate is the greatest in the 7th grade

  • Teaching salary in Cambodia = 20% of the living wage. How does this affect students?
21.5% of girls are uneducated compared to 11.7% of boys
  • How do rates of education correlate with rates of safe sex practices?

Project Senmonorom

Who are we?

Leaders of Project Senmonorom

Mya Harris, Director of Research and Innovation- Mya leads a team of researchers that studies statistics about adolescent maternal mortality in Cambodia. For our current project, Mya's team is focusing on these rates and the information behind them specifically found in Senmonorom, Cambodia, as well as examining projects that are implemented globally in order to better understand our most efficient course of action.

Roxy Ackerman, Director of Education Programming- Roxy and her team are in charge of the creation of the education program that we plan to implement within the community of Senmonorom. Her team is predominantly responsible for addressing the specific curriculum that is projected toward our target population, as well as overseeing the results/products of our program.

Lelandra Randle, Director of Development- Lelandra's team directs the implementation of our education program in various schools throughout Senmonorom. Her and her team analyze tactics that have been successful in the past, and model our program’s distribution based off of the most valuable, cost-effective, and efficient results. Lelandra's team is also responsible for identifying a dispersion technique that will effectively reach as much of our target population as possible.

What is our Mission?

Together, we make up a sector within the International Center for Research on Women. As members of the ICRW’s executive board, we strive to work toward developments that aim specifically toward increasing awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights for adolescent women in developing countries.

  • Sexual & reproductive health education program
  • CC's: target population mentors
  • Potential Funders: World Health Organization
"Our goal is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. . . to ensure the highest attainable level of health for all people." (World Health Organization)

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